Certificate of Appropriateness Application Procedures

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About the Design Review Process

Planning and Zoning Department staff assist applicants and BAR members throughout the design review process.  Applications such as installing or replacing fences, paving driveways, adding landscape lighting, or changing an exterior paint color scheme can be approved administratively by staff. For larger projects, staff members work with applicants through the BAR review process to obtain the necessary permits.

Unless otherwise noted in the BAR Meeting Schedule, applications, fees and materials must be submitted by 5 p.m. on the 3rd Monday of the month in order to have a public hearing scheduled for the following month. For example, an application submitted in March would be scheduled for a public hearing in April.

The Board holds their public hearings on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m, unless noted in the BAR meeting schedule. Many applications are handled in one meeting; however, larger projects often require additional discussion and are continued to the Board's work session held on the 1st Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  The Board will also schedule site visits on an as needed basis. 

Following BAR approval, staff will forward a Certificate of Appropriateness letter to the applicant.  This letter will advise the applicant of the Board's decision and any applicable conditions of approval.  If applicable, the letter will also include direction for the applicant to seek necessary zoning and Loudoun County building permits.   Please click here for more information regarding zoning related permits.  Information regarding building permits may be found by visiting the Loudoun County Department of Building & Development webpage    

Please note that building permits will not be issued until the applicant has obtained a zoning permit from the Town (and BAR approval as applicable). Additionally, all sign applications require sign permits even if an existing sign is being relocated to another site.

Fees and other information can be found on the Certificate of Appropriateness application forms as well as checklists for application submittal requirements.

COA - Certificate of Appropriateness Application & Checklist for Signs - This application is for use in H-1 & H-2 Districts.   For Comprehensive Sign Plan Applications, please use the Sign Permit form for Comprehensive Sign Plans.  Please note that Comprehensive Sign Plans in the H-1 Old & Historic District require Board of Architectural Review approval. 

COA - Certificate of Appropriateness Application & Checklist for Administrative Review - This application is for use in the H-1 & H-2 Districts for projects such as fences, paint color changes, in-kind roof replacement, storm window & storm door installation, light fixtures, etc.

COA - Certificate of Appropriateness Application & Checklist for BAR Review - This application is for use in the H-1 & H-2 Districts for projects such as new construction, decks & patios, additions, window & door replacement, siding replacement, material changes, demolition, etc.

2019 BAR Meeting Schedule

Applicant Presentations 
Applicants desiring to use an electronic presentation, such as PowerPoint, must follow the procedures below:

  • Presentations must be emailed to dparry@leesburgva.gov, submitted on a USB flash drive or  PC-formatted CD/DVD. prior to 3pm the day of the presentation. Files will be scanned for viruses and tested to ensure they display properly on the Town’s A/V equipment. In the event of a problem, you will be notified by staff.

Staff Contact 
Lauren Murphy, Preservation Planner, is the staff contact for Board of Architectural Review cases.  She may be reached at lmurphy@leesburgva.gov or 703-771-2773.