Public Facilities Permit - Connection and Availability Fees

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Water and sewer connection, availability, and pro-rata are three different fees that encompass the Public Facilities Permit (PFP). These fees cover the costs of a developer’s water and sewer connections to the Town’s utility system.

A Public Facilities Permit is prepared and all fees are due after plans are approved, and before a zoning permit is issued.


Water and Sewer Connection Fees

Connection fees are assessed when an initial connection is made to the Town’s water and sewer system.

  • Water connection fees are $80 for residential and $120 for non-residential.
  • Sewer connection fees are $80 for residential and $120 for non-residential.

Connection fees cover the cost to purchase a water meter and other appurtenances from the Town allowing for consistency of materials in the utility system. The cost of a meter and associated crock, copper setter, etc. is dependent upon their current market values.


Water & Sewer Availability Fees

Water and sewer availability fees purchase capacity with the Town’s water and sewer system. They are one-time fees by which the Town recovers the cost of the infrastructure needed to provide water and sewer service. These fees are paid when a building initially connects to water and sewer service. For an existing or previously occupied space, availability fees are only assessed when usage is determined to be greater than the current permit. In that case, the applicant would pay the difference between the availability fees for the previous and new uses. An exception to this requirement is when a business is located in the Historic District, in which case additional availability fees are assessed only if your use requires a larger water meter than the existing water meter.

A new single family or duplex home is assessed the minimum availability fee of $11,975 ($4,683 for water + $7,292 for sewer). A multi-family home or townhouse is assessed availability fees at the rate of $9,596 per unit.

Availability fees are calculated using average daily usages based on historical usages by various types of businesses. Current commercial categories and estimated daily usages are:

Office 33 gallons per 1,000 square feet*
Retail 36 gallons per day per 1,000 square feet*
Industrial/Warehouse 10 gallons per day per 1,000 square feet*
Hotels 103 gallons per day per room*
Hair Salons 80 gallons per day per styling chair*
Restaurant - Full Service 10 gallons per seat per meal per day/seat/meal*
Restaurant - Limited Service/Fast Food 8 gallons per seat per meal per day/seat/meal*
Restaurant - Carry Out (no seating) 36 gallons per day per 1,000 square feet*
Restaurant - Coffee Shop 890 gallons per day per 1,000 square feet*

*The minimum availability fee is 350 gpd, or $11,975

Current water and sewer commercial rates are:

  • $13.33 per gallon for water service
  • $20.20 per gallon for sewer service
  • $33.53 total per gallon for water and sewer service

Minimum combined water and sewer availability fees for new commercial construction are $11,975.

Below are several examples of availability fees based on use type:

Office Building (15,000 sq. ft.) $16,597
Retail Store (3,000 sq. ft.) $11,975 (minimum fees apply)
Warehouse Building (50,000 sq. ft.) $16,765
Hair Salon with 6 styling chairs $16,094
Full service restaurant, 30 seats, 2 meals per day $20,118
Fast-food restaurant, 30 seats, 3 meals per day $24,142
Carry-out restaurant (2,000 sq. ft.) $11,975 (minimum fees apply)

When calculating availability fees for restaurants, outdoor seating and bar seats are excluded from the calculation.


Pro-Rata Fees

Pro-rata fees apply only to identified properties where Town capital expenditures constructed water or sewer infrastructure for the benefit of the subject properties. 


Financing of Fees

Availability fees may be financed through the Town when they are in excess of the minimum availability fee for water and sewer services.  All other fees on Public Facilities Permit must be paid at permit issuance. Payments may be made in installments pursuant to a contract that has been approved by the Town Manager. Such contract shall coincide with a commercial lease, but for no more than 60 monthly installments.


Other Fees

Other Fees included with the Public Facilities Permit FEE
CCTV Inspection Fee $50 Residential, or
$100 Non-Residential
Cross Connection Inspection Fee Fee based upon meter size
Meter Set Fee $50 per meter

The Public Facilities Permit includes the initial fees for CCTV and Cross Connection Inspections. Should the facility fail either CCTV or Cross Connection Inspections or both, additional fees will be charged based on current Miscellaneous Utility Fees until the facility passes all inspections.


For additional information on water and sewer fees,
please contact Utilities Department, Betsy Payne at 703-771-2762.