Track Your Daily Water Usage and Receive High Usage Alerts

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FaucetTrack Your Daily Water Usage

Sometimes spikes in water usage can mean leaks or other plumbing problems need to be fixed, so being alerted early can help you keep your water bills low. Leesburg customers can track their individual water usage by logging on to the Town’s online system. We can also alert you when your water usage is higher than normal, using our High Usage Notification/Alert System.

Disclaimer: The Town will attempt to provide alert notifications. The Town is not responsible for technical issues beyond our control that may prevent or delay the delivery of alerts and notifications.

Receive High Usage Alerts

We will alert you when your water usage is higher than normal. The notification alert system is a new initiative that allows the Town to proactively alert customers to potential high water usage. The program gives customers the opportunity to sign up online to receive email or text notifications when their water use is higher than their set threshold. Receiving an alert enables customers to quickly respond to potential leaks and fix them before they become a serious billing problem.

To sign up, log onto the Town’s customer service portal or enter into your browser, and enter your user name and password, click on My Notifications under your View Daily Usage page and choose whether you would like to be contacted by e-mail or text message.

To start, click create an account, or enter into your browser, AND you will need your account number and CID from your water bill.

Follow our Customer Portal Instructions guide to easily set up your account.

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Alert Notification Threshold

Should you have questions please call 703-771-2701 or email