Private Utility Lines

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What can you do if you need to locate private underground utilities on your property?

  1. Contact a private utility locating service. Private locating services are not free, but they are the safest option.

  3. Field verify on your private property:


Sewer lateral: A potential way to locate your sewer lateral is to look for sewer clean outs from the property line to the building. Sewer clean outs are white pipe stubs in the ground with a metal or plastic cover. The underground sewer lateral typically can be located by following the sewer clean out caps in the yard


Water line: The water line from the meter to the house is private property and the property owner's responsibility. A potential way to find the water line to the building is to locate the water meter cover and the point where the water line enters the building. The underground water line typically runs between these two points.


Typically, construction plans approved (see image below) by the Town only show the Town's public water and sanitary sewer systems to the property line including the Town's water meter. Beyond these points, the water and sewer pipes are private property.

Water-Sewer Line diagram