About the Utilities Department

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The award winning Department of Utilities is responsible for providing quality water and sanitary sewer services to utility customers in a manner that balances social, environmental, and economic factors. As an enterprise fund, the Department is a self-supporting entity that is funded solely by user fees charged to water and sewer customers and therefore receives no general tax funding from the Town. Utility customers are billed quarterly and revenues are reinvested into the operation, maintenance, and construction of the Town's water and sewer systems.

The Department of Utilities consists of four operating divisions:  Administration, Utility Maintenance, Water Supply, and Water Pollution Control.

In a concerted effort to provide water and sewer customers with quality services and programs, new and existing customers can start or stop service at their request by completing a simple online form. In addition, the department provides a variety of payment options in order to fulfill the diverse needs of our customers. The department also provides after-hours emergency services in case of significant water or sewer service problems.  Also, as a MISS UTILITY member, homeowners, developers, builders, and contractors can be assured that underground water and sewer lines are clearly marked before they dig.

As a public steward of water resources, the Department of Utilities provides water and sewer programs and education designed to inform water and sewer customers on how they can contribute to conserving and maintaining Town water in their homes and businesses.  The department publishes an annual water quality report as well as other reports and maps that provide additional information about the Town's utility systems.