PAWS For Clean Water

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sitting dogAre you doing your part to prevent pet waste pollution?

PAWS for Clean Water is a program established by the Town of Leesburg Public Works Department to promote responsible pet ownership and pet waste pollution prevention. The program is designed to encourage pet owners to consistently pick up after their pets to help reduce stormwater pollution from pet waste.

To join, simply complete the online pledge form. As a thank-you for your support, you will receive a free pet waste bag dispenser mailed to the address provided on your pledge form. There is no obligation and no fee to join.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please email or call 703-771-2790.

Please note - this offer is only available to residents living within the Town of Leesburg's corporate limits. We apologize we are unable to extend this offer outside of this area.

What is Pet Waste Pollution?

Did you know Leesburg is home to over 2,000 dogs? That adds up to a LOT of pet waste! Pet waste contains harmful bacteria and germs. With rainfall, water flowing over land and into storm sewer inlets carries these contaminants through the system, eventually flowing into streams, creeks and other waterways.

Pet waste is a major contributor to stormwater pollution in the Leesburg area. As a pet owner, you play a key role in reducing this source of pollution. As part of the Town's MS4 Permit (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System), which allows the Town to discharge into State waterways, the Town is required to try to reduce pollutants to the maximum extent possible.

You can help reduce pet waste pollution by always picking up after your pet - at home and away. Whether in your back yard, at a dog park or just walking around town, pet waste left on the ground is not only unsightly but also a health hazard and environmentally harmful. Pet waste contains fecal coliform and numerous other bacteria which present dangers to humans and other animal. These contaminants are washed into the storm sewer system when it rains, when snow melts, or through man-made activities such as car washing or watering the lawn. By picking up pet waste you are helping to prevent pollution downstream.