About Stormwater and the Stormwater Management Program

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What Exactly is “Stormwater?”

Stormwater is rainwater that flows into storm drains and is discharged directly into an outfall area. Unlike waste water from your home, stormwater that flows through the system is discharged untreated into waterways. It is imperative to protect the quality of the water entering the storm drain system in order to minimize adverse impacts at the discharge location.


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 What is the Town of Leesburg Doing to Protect our Water Supply?

The Town of Leesburg participates in the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit Program to lawfully discharge stormwater into the waters of the Commonwealth of Virginia. In doing so, the town accepts responsibility for the water being discharged into the system. The goal of the Stormwater Management Program is to develop and maintain a program that protects water quality and resources to the benefit of all citizens in the community.

Public and institution involvement is critical in the success of such a program. Each citizen and organization can contribute to this effort, benefiting and protecting the environment and our natural resources.  As such, the Town is a proud member of the Northern Virginia Clean Water Partners, a coalition of local government agencies working together to promote stormwater pollution prevention and environmental stewardship.

The Town seeks to educate and inform citizens and organizations of their impact on the overall quality of the water in the Town. In order to comply with the NPDES Permit Program Requirements, the Town must maintain a stormwater management program that addresses the following 6 areas:

Storm Drain Marking Program

Betty Bass Storm Drain DecalThe Town's storm drain markers serve as reminders to us that anything we put in a storm drain goes directly into our streams! All of our local streams drain to the Potomac River, a regional treasure. The Potomac River is also an important drinking water supply and drains to the Chesapeake Bay. Did you know that Leesburg gets 99% of its drinking water from the Potomac River? Help keep our streams clean and safe for our children, pets, aquatic creatures and other wildlife! For more information on how to volunteer to participate in the storm drain marking program, please contact the Public Works Department at publicworks@leesburgva.gov or 703-771-2790.

For information on the program, community outreach and educational opportunities, please contact the Department of Public Works.