Urban Forestry

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What is Urban Forestry?

Urban Forestry is the art, science, and technique of the comprehensive management of planting and maintaining trees and other green infrastructure in public spaces to ensure healthy, productive, and safe trees.  By actively managing the tree canopy in the Town we aim to maximize their social, economic, and ecological benefits which they provide.  As the Town continues to grow, we must ensure our tree canopy is robust, sustainable, and resilient through our maintenance programs and strategic planting protocols.  

Urban Forestry Management Plan

The overarching goal of Leesburg’s Urban Forestry Management Plan is to guide the Town’s efforts to recover the loss of tree canopy and enhance all tree-related benefits by recommending strategies and actions to improve the Town’s urban forest management program in an equitable, economic, and sustainable manner.

Further Information


For more information, please contact:

G. Tyler Wright, Urban Forester & Landscape Specialist