Snow Removal Operations

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Town Snow Removal PoliciesProperty Owners' Responsibilities

Please Note
The Leesburg Public Works & Capital Projects Department is responsible for clearing snow and ice from over 251 lane miles of public streets in the Town. With the exception of emergency requests from police dispatchers, individual requests for snow removal cannot be taken.

Snow Removal Priorities

In order to make the most efficient use of available resources, the Town has established priorities for clearing Town-maintained roadways. Depending on the nature and severity of a snowstorm, deviations from these priorities can occur. The established priorities are as follows:

Primary Routes - the minimum network which must be kept open to
provide access for police, fire and rescue squad units


All remaining public streets


Town owned facilities and parking lots



Following storms with large accumulations of snow, the Town will remove snow from the downtown area. The priority of downtown snow removal will depend, in part, upon whether the Courts are open or not. Because downtown snow removal requires different equipment than plowing the neighborhood streets, the two operations are frequently done concurrently.

To view an interactive map of the Town, showing the Town's snow removal priorities, as well as the private roads that are cleared by HOAs and the state routes cleared by VDOT, click on the map image below.  You can also download a PDF version of the map.

Snow Removal Interactive Map 


Snow Emergency Declarations

In accordance to the Town of Leesburg's Emergency Operations Plan, the Town Manager or his designee will declare a snow emergency when conditions, or predicted weather conditions, indicate a significant snow or ice event.  High winds or extreme drops in temperature may also impact emergency declarations. When a snow emergency is in effect, vehicles must be removed from snow emergency routes. Snow emergency routes include:

  • Market Street, from Fairview Street to the Route 15 Bypass;
  • King Street from north of Union Street to Country Club Drive; and
  • Loudoun Street, from Liberty Street to Harrison Street

Snow Emergency Route

(click map for larger view)

Snow Hotline - Reporting Snow or Ice Problems

Snow Hotline 703-777-SNOW

Whenever a Snow Emergency is declared, the Town will activate the Snow Hotline for residents to call if they have questions about snow removal operations or if they want to report a snow or ice-related problem. The Snow Hotline will remain active 24 hours a day until the Snow Emergency is lifted.

Snow and ice-related problems can also be reported using our online form.


Town Snow Removal Policies

  • The Town does not plow sidewalks or driveways unless part of town-owned property.
  • Plows will unavoidably push snow back into driveways during snow plowing operations; we attempt to minimize this as much as possible. However, property owners are responsible for clearing their driveways.
  • During a Snow Emergency, on-street parking is not allowed along Snow Emergency Routes to assist in cleanup efforts. Look for the red and white signs designating Snow Emergency Routes.
  • Town equipment will not be used to conduct privately-owned vehicle recovery operations unless it is a life or death emergency.
  • Crews will salt and sand Snow Emergency Routes and other primary roads first, followed by side streets.
  • Plowing is also performed on a priority basis, with main streets receiving attention first. Until plowing is completed, citizens are urged not to use streets unless absolutely necessary.

Property Owners' Snow Removal Responsibilities

All public sidewalks adjacent to private property are the responsibility of the property owner. Property owners must clear sidewalks within 24 hours after the end of a snow or ice event.

Town snow plows will not clear private driveways except under emergency conditions and with the approval of the Street Supervisor on duty. Snow from a private driveway may not be placed on or pushed across a Town street.

I Cleared My Driveway and a Snow Plow Pushed the Snow - and More - Right Back!
Unfortunately, in order to clear the streets, Town snow plows often push snow back onto sidewalks and driveway aprons. Visit our Snow Removal FAQs page for some tips on how to minimize the amount of snow that the plows will push back onto your driveway.