Fall Bulk Leaf Collection

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Please note that if snow is forecast, do not rake leaves into the curb or street. Snow removal operations will take precedence over leaf collection operations! Snow plows may push leaves/snow back into your yard. Please wait until after roadways have been cleared to collect leaves for pickup.


Before and after fall bulk leaf collection season, leaves must be set out for collection as yard waste, either in trash cans clearly marked as "Yard Waste" or in brown paper yard waste bags.

Do not use plastic bags for leaves as Patriot will NOT collect yard waste in plastic bags.

During fall bulk leaf collection, please follow these guidelines:



Rake leaves to the curb by Sunday night during the collection season. Keep separate from other material and away from storm drain inlets. If leaves must be raked near an inlet, place downstream from inlet to allow for water flow.

Do not place leaves in front of or next to storm drain inlets if other options are available. Where possible leave a gap between leaves and the curb line to allow water to flow unrestricted into the storm drain inlets.

 Separate Piles

Storm Drain Leaves


Rake leaves no more than 4 feet from the edge of the curb

Do not rake leaves into the street, in front of/around hydrants or utility boxes, or near other objects


 You may cover leaves with or place leave on a tarp to contain them during windy or rainy periods - please be sure they are visible to crews

Do not place leaves in plastic lawn bags during yard waste collection season (through the end of November). 


If using bags instead of loose leaf collection after December 1st, place leaves and other yard waste in plastic bags for pickup on your regular trash day.


paper bags

Rake leaves as close to the property line as possible if you do not have a curb/sidewalk in front of your home. Crews need to be able to reach the pile with the length of the vacuum hose attached to the truck.

Leaf Truck

Do not allow children to play in leaf piles and do not leave lawn and garden equipment or toys/bikes in or around leaf piles.



Do not park on top of leaf piles - crews will not vacuum leaves from under or around parked vehicles for liability and safety reasons.


Car on Leaves


Keep leaves completely separate from other material. Grass, brush, yard debris and other material can damage the vacuum truck attachment and will not be collected.


brush small

Do not mix with grass clipping, yard waste or other brush items

 mixed debris

The bulk leaf pickup uses a vacuum truck and is designed for leaves only.  Other materials can damage equipment or cause injury to crew members if mixed in with leaves. Leaves mixed with other material will NOT be collected.

Please do not mix leaves with:

    • Trash
    • Recycling
    • Branches/Tree Limbs
    • Shrub Clippings
    • Vines
    • Dirt
    • Sod or Grass Clippings
    • Other Yard Waste

Inclement weather (heavy rains or snow) or a heavy fall of leaves may extend the collection period for the affected quadrants.  The Town will post updates to this page to announce changes to the schedule or delays in collection - please check back for news and information during the leaf collection season.

For more information on leaf removal, please call the Street Maintenance Division at 703-737-7073 or e-mail streets@leesburgva.gov.