Field Operations Division

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Field Operations Division

The Field Operations Division is comprised of the Patrol Section and the Criminal Investigations Section, and is led by a Captain that is designated as the Field Operations Division Commander.


The Patrol Section is the most highly visible component of the Field Operations Division working 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and is commanded by two Lieutenants that are designated as Platoon Commanders.  Patrol is the largest entity within the department and responsible for the execution of law enforcement responsibilities of the department through preventative patrol and  active enforcement of both criminal and traffic law.  To accomplish 365 day per year coverage, the Patrol Section is composed of two platoons, each of which have three patrol teams (Day Shift, Evening Shift, and Midnight Shift).  Uniformed officers are assigned to designated Patrol Beats within the town’s Community Policing Districts, and conduct patrols in both patrol cars and while riding bicycles.

Criminal Investigation Section

The Criminal Investigations Section (CIS) of the Field Operations Division is home to the department’s detectives, and is composed of the General Investigations Unit (GIU) and the Special Investigations Unit (SIU).  The Criminal Investigations Section is commanded by a Lieutenant that is designated as the Criminal Investigations Commander.

The General Investigations Unit  is the reactive component of CIS and responsible for conducting in-depth, comprehensive investigations into felonies and serious misdemeanor cases. GIU Detectives are trained and proficient in investigating all crimes.  GIU Detectives attend specialized training including death investigation, interviewing, detecting deceptive behavior, missing persons, child abuse, cold case investigation, crime scene photography, and computer forensics.  When serious crimes occur, detectives from GIU respond and investigate.  GIU Detectives work hand-in-hand with patrol officers to provide a high level of service during all stages of their investigations.

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is the proactive component of CIS and detectives selected for this unit are highly motivated and have demonstrated a proactive approach to preventing crime and apprehending criminal offenders. Members of the team use community policing, crime analysis, and technology to identify crime trends within the Town.  SIU Detectives are tasked with addressing a multitude of issues and team members utilize both traditional and nontraditional enforcement methods to enhance public safety. SIU is highly adaptable, responsive, and proactive in both the response and identification of crime.  SIU Detectives work closely and support both detectives and patrol officers in accomplishing the mission of the police department.

If you have any questions concerning any of these sections, please contact:

Field Operations Division Captain

Captain David Smith


Criminal Investigations Commander

Lieutenant Chris Vogel

Patrol Commanders

District 1   Lieutenant Doug Shaw

District 2  Lieutenant George Cumberledge