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 Leesburg Police Department Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 6/5/2020)

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Citizen’s Support Team

Citizens Support Team

The Citizens Support Team is a group of uniformed volunteers from the community that assists the police department with special events and emergency situations and, while performing neighborhood patrol, acts as additional eyes and ears in the community. Trained by the Leesburg Police Department in traffic direction techniques, the volunteers help with traffic control during parades and other special events and often are called up for emergency traffic duty during fires, serious traffic accidents, and hazardous materials incidents or bomb threat situations. The team members also provide safety information and child DNA identification kits at school and other children’s events. These volunteers also provide additional vehicle patrols in the community and report back any suspicious activity. They take no law enforcement action but act solely as observers while officers are en route. In most incidents, these volunteers observe undetected and update officers on descriptions of vehicles and/or suspects and give direction of travel, etc. Their assistance has led to numerous arrests of persons that may have escaped had they not been under Support Team surveillance.