Alleged Zoning Violations

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The Leesburg Zoning Ordinance is approved and adopted by the Leesburg Town Council under authority granted by the State of Virginia.  These codes are intended to promote the health, safety and welfare of the community; to provide for orderly growth and development; and to regulate land use, protecting property values and preserving the Town.

The goal of the Zoning Enforcement Division is to investigate reported violations and to work with the property owners to achieve compliance through education of the ordinance.  While many zoning violations are first observed by Town staff, we also rely on a partnership with the town business owners and citizens to inform us of suspected zoning violations.   

If you suspect a zoning violation, please complete the Alleged Zoning Violation Complaint form or contact us to have a form sent to you.  Zoning staff will only accept forms which include the complainant’s name, address and signature.  All complaints are kept confidential and will not be released to the alleged violator, news media or the public unless required by judicial order.

For more information on the Zoning Enforcement Division, please contact Zoning Administrator Michael Watkins or call 703-771-2765.