H-2 Historic Corridor District

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H-2 Corridor District (H-2 Overlay District)
Encouraging quality design that is consistent with the traditional character of Leesburg, the H-2 Corridor District was established in 1990 as the first corridor district in Virginia.  The H-2 District extends from the boundaries of the Old and Historic District along Route 15 (north and south), and Route 7 (east and west) to the Town's corporate limits. The BAR jurisdiction of the H-2 District covers exterior building alterations which include color schemes, new construction and site plans, lighting, demolition, building relocation, fences, walls and signs.

Corridor District Design Guidelines
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Building Design Guidelines
Chapter 3 - Site Design Guidelines
Appendix A - Atlas
Appendix B - References
Appendix C - Secretary of the Interior's Standards
Appendix D - Glossary
Appendix E - H-2 Corridor Ordinance

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