Legacy Leesburg Town Plan Update

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Project Overview 

The Town of Leesburg is undergoing a review of our comprehensive plan, commonly referred to as the "Town Plan".  Mandated by the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Town Plan includes a statement of the community's goals for long-range development, as well as objectives for implementing these goals.  The plan also serves as a general guide for the Town Council and other legislative bodies, staff, citizens and property owners guiding future development in the Town.   

How Can I be Involved?

We are so glad that you asked!  There will be many opportunities for residents to get involved and provide feedback along the way.  Here are a few options to explore:

Legacy Leesburg Website

The Legacy Leesburg website will be your source of information for project updates, interactive features such as polls, online forums and other opportunities to share your vision.  Visit the website at legacy.leesburgva.gov

Community Ideas Exchange Workshop

The Town held a workshop event featuring engaging and interactive stations on topics such as transportation, land use, parks, and more. Attendees provided feedback on various elements of the Town Plan by participating in various interactive stations.  For additional information regarding upcoming opportunities to be involved, please visit legacy.leesburgva.gov.

Additional Information

If you have questions or would like additional information regarding this process, please visit the Legacy Leesburg website or contact:

 Rich Klusek, Project Manager
Phone: 703-771-2758
Email: rklusek@leesburgva.gov


Scott Parker, Project Manager 
Phone: 703-771-2771
Email: sparker@leesburgva.gov