Gateway Project

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Protecting the Gateway Corridors leading to the Old & Historic District


What is the Gateway Project? Gateway District Map Image

If you missed our Gateway Public Meeting, you can watch it on our Webcast page

Several years ago, the Town of Leesburg began the process of revising what is currently known as the H-2 Historic Corridor Overlay District in favor of a broader, more user friendly “Gateway District” Overlay. You can read more about the history of the Gateway Project The purpose of the H-2 Corridor Overlay District (H-2 District) and the Gateway District is to protect the key corridors leading into Leesburg’s historic downtown in an effort to promote the preservation of Historic Leesburg and ensure that new development adopts an architectural character which compliments, but does not outshine, the historic charm of Leesburg.  The five Gateways are currently defined as:

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Gateway Map 

  • West Market Street Gateway
  • East Market Gateway
  • South King Street Gateway
  • North King Street Gateway
  • Edwards Ferry Road Gateway

Additional information regarding the history of the Gateway Project, including staff reports and Town Council actions, can be found here Gateway Project History

How Does This Affect My Property?

If you missed our Gateway Information Meeting, you can watch it on our Webcast Page.

The Gateway District is an overlay zoning district aimed at the preservation of Leesburg’s character on key corridors and ensuring that new development is consistent with the architectural vocabulary of the Town and of the specific area in which it is located. As a property owner within the Gateway District, this means that the proposed ordinance amendments and design guidelines will provide additional guidance for your property, specific to architectural design and character, in addition to whatever the existing zoning of your property may be.  Allowable uses, setbacks, lot coverage requirements, and all other requirements of the zoning ordinance will remain in effect.  Under the Gateway District, architectural review is also required for certain elements.

For some property owners it may be that only a portion of your property is within the district, such as a front, side or rear yard.  For others, it may be that your entire property is within the district.  It is important to note that the streetscape and design guidelines would only apply to the portion of your property within the district boundaries.  For additional information please view our frequently asked questions, our  Interactive Gateway Map or submit a question to us

What Is The Timeline For This Project? 

The Gateway Project consists of three elements:

Element 1: Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance and Official Zoning Map establishing the five Gateway Districts.

Work on this first element is currently underway and is scheduled to be completed by August, 2020.  On July 2, 2020 the Planning Commission forwarded the ordinance amendments to the Town Council with a recommendation of approval.  The Town Council public hearing is scheduled for July 28, 2020 at 7pm in the Council Chamber.  Additional information regarding Council meetings and agenda packets can be found on their webpage.  Additional changes may continued to be made to the draft ordinance throughout the public process until final adoption by the Town Council.  These edits and revisions will be posted to this page as they are available.  You can view the current draft ordinance language here.  

Element 2: Establishment of Design Guidelines for the Gateway Districts.

Work on this second phase is also currently underway and es expected to continue through September with a Planning Commission public hearing anticipated in October, 2020 with final adoption by the Town Council by the end of the year.  The Design Guidelines will be administered by the Board of Architectural Review and Preservation Staff in approving projects within the Gateway Districts. 

Element 3: Establishment of a Streetscape Design Plan for the Gateway Districts.

Work on this third phase is following a parallel path with the Design Guidelines with an anticipated final adoption by the Town Council by the end of this year. 

How Can I Be Involved?

We are looking forward to working with you during this process. The Planning Commission held a public hearing regarding the Zoning Ordinance amendments (Element 1) on June 18th  and continued discussion to their July 2, 2020 meeting which will begin at 7pm in the Council Chamber.  For additional information, please visit their webpage

You will find links below to the Draft Zoning Ordinance Amendment language currently being reviewed by the Gateway Working Group as well as our Interactive Gateway District Map and our frequently asked questions.   If you have additional questions,  please feel free to submit a question through our website or contact the Department of Planning & Zoning at 703-771-2765.  You may also view our recent Gateway Public Outreach meeting by visiting our Webcast Page

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