Plan Review Process

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Interim Plan Review Process  

The Department of Plan Review has an interim Plan Review process for all Land Development Application submissions and associated submission fee payments.

For Drop off and Pick Up of Applications:

As we all enter together into Phase II of the Governor’s “Forward Virginia Plan”, the Town of Leesburg has started to implement plans to start to reopen a number of its facilities.  As part of the Town’s Phase II plans, Plan Review and Planning & Zoning will be reopening the second floor counter to the public effective Monday morning June 15th at 8:30 AM.   

Therefore, as of Monday June 15th, drop-offs and pick-ups of all submissions of Land Development Applications will no longer be accepted via carts located on the first floor of Town Hall. 

Instead, all submissions of Land Development Applications should be made at the 2nd floor counter of Town Hall (as was the case prior to COVID-19 precautions being implemented).

The following are a few helpful hints to navigating the submission drop-off (pick-up) process for Land Development Applications starting Monday June 15th:

  • Upon entering the 2nd floor of Town Hall, please follow the hallway to the 2nd floor counter.
  • Please start your submission drop-off (or pick-up) process by checking in with the DPR front counter staff. 
  • Because plexiglass has been added at the 2nd floor counter, a DPR cart has been placed adjacent to the counter for use as a drop-off (or pick-up) point for all plans, plats and all other submission packages.
  • In addition to checking in with DPR Staff, all Submission Packages must be “signed in” on the clip board located on the cart.
  • Once plans are delivered to the cart, the applicant must process the fee payment and email the receipt to or hand deliver it to the second floor counter.
  • All items placed on this cart will then be processed by DPR staff as quickly as possible. Please be advised that applications will not be processed until payment is received.
  • If an applicant comes to the 2nd floor to pick-up plans or to perform inserts, please check in with the DPR front counter staff.
  • Any plans or plats being picked up must be “signed out” on the clip board located near the cart.
  • Any plans to be inserted should also be placed on the cart. The DPR front counter staff will provide direction as to where the inserting process can be completed (if room is available).
  • Please call ahead to set up a specific time to perform the insert process.  Specifically, the applicant shall coordinate with DPR’s Project Manager at least 3 business days in advance to schedule a time to retrieve plan sets for insert. 
  • The applicant may be expected to do all inserts in their respective offices as there is only very limited space currently available at Town Hall.
  • Staff will continue to review insert sheets digitally to the extent possible until they are in an approvable, error-free form.  All standard Town review fees still apply and payment must be made digitally or in person before comments are released as may be applicable.  (Please see payment options)
  • If the plans are removed from Town Hall, the engineer will be expected to coordinate with the assigned DPR project manager regarding the return of full “inserted” signature sets of plans.
  • Once the plans are returned, the applicant should check in with DPR front counter staff prior to placing the plans back on the DPR cart located on the 2nd floor of Town Hall.
  • Staff will then process the inserted plans for final review and signature if approvable.
  • Once approved, the applicant will be notified and the plans will be ready for pick up.   

Other helpful hints to processing land development applications:

  • Application forms and checklists are available on our Forms page.
  • In addition to the hard copy submission of an application, all applicants are also highly encouraged to coordinate with staff to download a digital copy of the entire application (to include all plans and supporting documents) to an FTP site or by other digital means. This will enable staff to get a jump on the review as it takes time to process all hard copies of submissions and distribute them to staff that are working remotely.
  • All Applicants are also highly encouraged to notify staff via once submission packages are about to be submitted. This is the best way for staff to know exactly what and when an application has been or will be submitted in order to allow the project to be added to DPR's workload schedules. 

Payment options for land development applications:

Please be advised that the town now offers the following payment options:

  • Applicants can stop by the finance counter to pay by check as was offered in the past.
  • Applicants can provide the fee schedule in advance to staff and request that staff create an invoice prior to your formal submission:

    • Allows payment via cash, check, credit card or virtual check at the finance counter prior to dropping the plans off on the cart on the second floor.

    • Allows payment via credit card or virtual check online prior to dropping the plans off.

    • Please be advised that there is a convenience fee of 2.49% for credit card payments or $0.50 for virtual check payments online or at the finance counter.

If you wish to speak with a member of our staff regarding an application or other matters related to Land Development, please contact us at 703-771-2772 or 703-771-2740 and we will make arrangements to have the appropriate staff members contact you via phone, email or WebEx conferencing.

Staff contact information is also available by visiting our Department Directory Page