Plan Review FAQs

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For additional land use and land development questions, please visit the Department of Planning & Zoning FAQ page.

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  • How do I start the special exception process?

  • How do I apply for a Site Plan?

  • How do I start the rezoning process?

  • How do I submit a subdivision application?

  • What do I need to make a subdivision application?

  • What are the procedures for requesting DCSM Modifications when a specific design is unable to meet exact DCSM requirements?

  • What is the procedure for adding revised "insert sheets" into previously submitted plans when insert sheets are requested by Town Staff?

  • For what length of time are approved Site Plans or Construction Drawings valid?

  • How do I find out where my plan is time wise in the review process?

  • Do I have to highlight all changes on sets of the subsequent submissions of my plan?

  • How long will it take to get my plan approved?

  • What are the requirements for the use of protective handrails on a project?

  • What types of porous paving are permitted?

  • Are highway embankments allowed to be used as dam embankments?

  • What are the Town requirements for maintenance accessways to stormwater management facilities?

  • What is considered an impervious surface?

  • Are fences permitted in storm drainage easements?

  • Why should I care about the stormwater for any damage runoff from my property?

  • How do I research my property, and what information may I find?