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In 2017, the Town of Leesburg established the Floodplain Overlay District (FOD) in order to bring the Town's floodplain regulations into conformance with the requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program (NIFP).

The FOD applies to lands adjacent to and in general proximity to any stream that drains an area of 100 acres or more that are subject to recurring flooding. The Floodplain Overlay District Map depicts the locations of all of the affected areas of floodplain.  Additionally, we have an interactive floodplain map which allows you to zoom and click or search by your address. All parcels within any portion of the floodplain may be affected.

As part of the creation of the FOD, the following Town ordinances and regulations were amended:

  • Zoning Ordinance - The "Flood Protection" section of Article 13 was repealed and the new Floodplain Overlay District was established. The district is simliar to Loudoun County's regulating land uses in both Major and Minor Floodplains.
  • Leesburg Town Code - Adoption of Chapter 14, Article III, regarding the Town's responsibilities related to participation in the National Flood Insurance Program.

Properties mapped within the FOD are subject to the requirements and use limitations of the new section of the Leesburg Zoning Ordinance in addition to the existing requirements and use limitations of the current zoning district.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the new Floodplain Overlay District.

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