Current Capital Improvement Projects

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The projects listed below provide links to all of the active and upcoming projects listed in the current six-year Capital Improvement Program as well as any projects from previous years that are still active: 

Project Project Type
A.V. Symington Aquatic Center Water Play Area (Spray Ground) Parks & Recreation
Airport Apron Paving Airport
Airport FBO Hangar Purchase  Airport
Airport Maintenance/ Storage Facility  Airport
Airport North Hangars Airport
Airport Parallel Taxiway Relocation  Airport 
Airport Runway 17 Approach Lighting (ODALS) Upgrade  Airport 
Automated Water Meter Reading and Meter Technology System Upgrade Utilities 
Battlefield Parkway/Route 15 Bypass Interchange  Streets 
Battlefield Parkway Trail Across the Route 15 Bypass Streets
Bus Shelters - Townwide  Streets 
Catoctin Circle Trail  Streets 
Church Street, South Street, Harrison Street Improvements  Streets 
Davis Court Bridge Conversion
Downtown Street Lighting General Government
East Market Street (Route 7) & Battlefield Parkway Interchange Streets
Edwards Ferry Road NE Sidewalk Improvements Streets 
Edwards Ferry Road Sidewalk, Bus Shelters & Bus Route Signs  Streets 
Enhanced Multi-Barrier Treatment Technology  Utilities 
Evergreen Mill Widening Streets
Excavated Materials Holding and Drying Facility  Utilities 
Loudoun County Courthouse Expansion (external link)  n/a
Lower Sycolin Sanitary Sewer Pump Station Third Pump  Utilities 
Liberty Street SW Storm Drainage Improvements  Storm Drainage 

Market Street/King Street Intersection and Alley Between 3 and 5

S. King Street Improvements

Storm Drainage 
Miscellaneous Roadway, Pedestrian, and ADA Projects  Streets 
Monroe Street & Madison Court Improvements  Streets 
Morven Park Road Sidewalk Streets
Police Station Expansion General Government

Replacement/Upgrade Computer Aided Dispatch System and


General Government
Route 15 Bypass/Edwards Ferry Road Interchange Streets
Route 15 (South King Street) Widening Streets
Royal Street Improvements - Church St to Wirt St  Streets 
Royal Street SE Storm Drainage Improvements  Storm Drainage
Sanitary Sewer Pump Station Upgrades  Utilities 

South King Street Bridge over Tuscarora Creek Deck Replacement 

Sycolin Road Widening Streets
Taxiway & Runway Lighting Rehabilitation  Airport
Town Hall Campus Improvements Phase I  Parks & Recreation 
Town Shop Expansion & Refurbishment  General Government 
Town-Wide Sanitary Sewer Improvements and Repairs  Utilities 
Town-Wide Waterline Improvements and Repairs  Utilities 
Traffic Signal - Sycolin Road & Gateway Drive  Streets 
Tuscarora Creek Flood Mitigation & Stream Restoration Storm Drainage
Tuscarora Creek Trail Phase I  Parks & Recreation 
Utility System Storage Facility  Utilities 
Veterans Park at Balls Bluff  Parks & Recreation 
Water Booster Pump Station at Loudoun Water Interconnect  Utilities 
Water Pollution Control Facility Backup Generator  Utilities 
Water Pollution Control Facility Chemical Building Addition  Utilities 
Water Pollution Control Facility Debris Screen System  Utilities 
Water Pollution Control Facility Digester Boiler  Replacement  Utilities 
Water Pollution Control Facility Digester Dome Replacements   Utilities 
Water Pollution Control Facility Dryer Drum Replacement  Utilities 
Water Pollution Control Facility Gas Train Replacement  Utilities 
Water Pollution Control Facility Odor Control (Biofilter) Media Replacement   Utilities 
Water Pollution Control Facility Odor Control Improvements  Utilities 

Water Pollution Control Facility Storage Tanks - Re-coating &


Water Pollution Control Facility Tuscarora Landscaper's Choice (TLC) Solids Silo  Utilities
Water Storage Tank Recoating - Carr Tank II  Utilities
Water Supply and Wastewater SCADA Systems Replacement  Utilities
Water Supply Emergency II and III Interconnect  Utilities
Water Treatment Plant Filter #1 and #2 Underdrain Replacement  Utilities 
Water Treatment Plant Sludge Disposal Improvements Utilities
West Market Street - Ayr Street to Morven Park Road Sidewalk Improvements  Streets