Woodberry Road Drainage and Street Improvements

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Woodberry Road Before Improvements

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Project Description: Improvements were made to approximately 800 feet of Woodberry Road between Edwards Ferry Road and North Street. The purpose of the project was to improve drainage and pedestrian safety. Project elements included:

  • Curb and gutter and extension of the existing storm drainage system - This eliminated the existing roadside ditches that were difficult to maintain and tended to hold standing water after storms.  It intercepts and collects surface runoff that used to flow over the road during larger storms.  Finally, residents are now able to tie their private sump pumps and underdrain systems to the new storm drain inlets.
  • Brick sidewalk - The new sidewalk connected between existing sidewalks on Edwards Ferry Road and North Street, and eliminated the need for pedestrians to walk in the street.
  • Waterline replacement - The project replaced the older, undersized waterline along Woodberry Road with a new water main having a greater capacity.  This increases the capacity and reliability of the water system to the neighborhood.  Two additional fire hydrants were also installed on the street to improve fire protection.
  • Pavement Reconstruction - The old roadway pavement was removed and replaced because it was substandard and failing in places.  The construction provided new pavement that will serve the neighborhood for many years.

Neighborhood concerns regarding the impact of the project on front yards and trees were addressed as follows:

  • The street width was designed to be narrower than the typical Town standard for streets having on-street parking.
  • Sidewalk was only provided on one side of the street, and the standard grass buffer strip between the curb and sidewalk was eliminated.  This decreased the footprint of the construction and the impacts to front yards, trees and landscaping.
  • Curbs constructed at the Edwards Ferry Road intersection have smaller radii than typically required.  This reduced impacts on private property.
  • The sidewalk width was designed to be narrower near the Edwards Ferry Road intersection to preserve some of the gateway into the neighborhood.  A landscape design was prepared to replace the shrubbery near the intersection that was lost due to the construction.
  • Special construction techniques were used to reduce construction impacts to trees.

Project Status:  This project was completed in July 2012.

Design Engineer: Paciulli Simmons & Associates, Ltd.

Construction Contractor: Madigan Construction Inc.

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 Woodberry Road Before Improvements

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