Turner Harwood Drainage Improvements

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Turner Harwood AerialProject Description: The Loudoun County School Board constructed the new Frederick R. Douglass Elementary School at the site of the old Douglass Support Center, adjacent to Plaza Street and Old Sycolin Road in 2012.  Drainage from a large portion of northeast Leesburg flows through this site toward Tuscarora Creek immediately south of the W&OD Trail.  The area downstream of the school was routinely plagued by flooding and other drainage issues. 

In a cooperative agreement, the Loudoun County School Board constructed a box culvert through the school site, and stream channel improvements downstream of Old Sycolin Road.  These improvements have addressed the flooding issues both at the school site and downstream of Old Sycolin Road.  The Town obtained all of the easements needed for the improvements. 

 Turner Harwood Construction July 2012  Turner Harwood Construction July 2012

Completed Channel Improvements

Channel Improvements Drainage Outfall

Project UpdatesThis project was completed in September 2012.