Downtown Improvements

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Aerial view of downtown Leesburg

Project Description:  The purpose of this project was to implement improvements within the Old and Historic District to help it regain its vitality. The planned improvements enhance accessibility for pedestrians, improve safety for motorized vehicles, and enrich the aesthetics downtown. Improvements included new and widened sidewalks, traffic calming, and landscaping / hardscape improvements.

The project was constructed in phases, including:

Phase I

  • Walkways between the Town parking garage and South King Street (completed in spring 2013)
    • Improved crosswalks across the alley at both pedestrian entrances to the garage
    • Improved drainage
    • Replaced brick walkways in the two alleys
    • Landscaping
    • Decorative lights  

Downtown Improvements Alley Before Downtown Improvements Walkways Rendering   Downtown Improvements Alley Completed

Alley Before Improvements

 Rendering of Alley Improvements

 Alley Improvements Completed in Spring 2013


  • East End Triangle (intersection of East Market Street and Loudoun Street) - completed in spring 2013
    • Removal of the existing utility pole
    • New curb and gutter to define parking at the triangle
    • Hardscape and landscape improvements at the triangle, with a retaining wall, decorative lights, and plantings

Downtown Improvements East End Triangle Before  Downtown Improvements East End Triangle Rendering  Downtown Improvements Triangle Completed

East End Triangle Before Improvements

 Rendering of East End Triangle Improvements

 East End Triangle Improvements Completed in Spring 2013


Phase II - Loudoun Street, between South King Street and East Market Street

  • Widened brick sidewalks east of Church Street
     Downtown Improvements Loudoun St Walkways Before  Downtown Improvements Loudoun St Rendering

    Loudoun Street Walkways
    Before Improvements 

    Loudoun Street Walkways

  • Modification of the Loudoun Street/Harrison Street intersection
  • Street trees
  • Decorative street lights
  • Replacement of the handrail at the crossing of the concrete-lined drainage ditch across from the County parking garage
  • Street Furniture  

Phase III - King Street between North Street and Royal StreetDowntown Improvements King St Rendering

  •  Widened brick sidewalks
  • Improved crosswalks at the intersections
  • Raised, mid-block crosswalk between Loudoun and Market Streets
  • Street trees
  • Decorative street lights
  • Street furniture


Final Phase

The final phase of the Downtown Improvements project included replacement of sidewalk and curb and gutter, reconstructing the roadway pavement, and adding crosswalks on North King Street between Market Street and Cornwall Street. The work was coordinated with the Downtown Streetlight project to provide decorative lighting on this section of downtown streets.

Project Status:  This project was completed in 2018.

Downtown Improvements Completed Alley 2

Alley Construction Completed in Spring 2013

Design Engineer: Designer - AECOM

Construction Contractors:

  • Phase I - Madigan Construction Inc. 
  • Phase II - Loudoun Street Improvements (King St to Church St) - Arthur Construction Company, Inc.
  • Phase II - Loudoun Street Waterline - DeBorn Construction, Inc.    
  • Phase III - King Street Improvements (Loudoun St to Cornwall St) - Arthur Construction Company, Inc.
  • Phase III - King Street Improvements (Loudoun St to Royal St) - Arthur Construction Company, Inc.
  • Phase II - Loudoun Street Improvements (Church St to East Market St) - Madigan Construction
  • Phase III - King Street Improvements (Loudoun St to Market St) - Madigan Construction