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Leesburg Business Awards

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The awards  ceremony and reception will be postponed to a future date. 

We will keep you posted.

At a future date to be determined, the Town of Leesburg will be accepting applications for the 19th annual Leesburg Business Awards. 2020 award applications will be accepted through an online application process and the deadline for nominations will be advised.

Eligible nominees for all categories must have the primary physical location of the company, organization, or business entity within the corporate limits of the Town of Leesburg.  Businesses must possess a valid Town of Leesburg business license, must be in compliance with all Town regulations, and must have been in operation for at least one year.  Persons nominated for the George C. Marshall Corporate Citizen Award do not  need to reside within the Town.  Please contact Melanie Scoggins at with any questions.  

The categories for the 2020 Leesburg Business Awards are:

Community Ambassador Award

This award celebrates a business or organization that contributes its time, talent, and resources to promote a positive image of Leesburg. Candidates go beyond the daily routine of their work to reach deeper into the Leesburg community to assist others, locate or grow a business, and bring attention and recognition to the community as a business location or tourist destination.

Helpful criteria may include:

  • Documentation of a specific event or marketing program that brings more people to Leesburg to experience the Town from a business or tourism perspective.
  • A proven business model that attracts business clients, vendors or other guests to Leesburg in its course of doing business.
  • Exhibition of humanitarian efforts or environmental awareness, illustrated through events, unique programs, or financial contributions.

Heritage Award

This award recognizes a thriving business or organization that has made a long term commitment to preserving the integrity and character of Leesburg. Entries in this category may include building design and construction consistent with local historic architecture or business whose practices or programs augment the authenticity of Leesburg. Helpful criteria may n include: 

  • Documentation of a restoration project that brings new life to an historic building. 
  • The positive and lasting value a business or event in Leesburg has had on the community and that holds the promise to transcend decades. 

Innovations Award

This award was created to celebrate a business or organization that executes an innovative business venture, unique product or service development, or other cutting edge business practices. Entries are recognized for originality and invention. Helpful criteria may include:

  • Specific relevance of the innovation. Has it solved a problem? If so, what and how?
  • Documented outstanding design or implementation of a plan, program, product, service, or an event.

New Business Award

This award celebrates a new business or organization registered as a new business in Leesburg between January 1, 2018, and December 31, 2019, that promotes the unique culture of Leesburg ,  appreciating Leesburg’s past while acting as a pioneer in enriching the Town’s future.  Helpful criteria may include:

  • Demonstration of capacity for business longevity in the Leesburg business community.
  • Has demonstrated business or community leadership.

Arts and Culture Award

This award celebrates a business, organization, or individual that contributes to or actively supports the arts within the Town of Leesburg. Candidates in this category are artists, events, or programs that promote Leesburg as a hub of arts and culture. Helpful criteria may include:

  • Documentation of increased awareness of the arts in Leesburg as promoted by this business, organization, or individual.
  • Leadership and creativity illustrated in programs that boosted the arts in Leesburg.

Veterans Affairs Award

This award celebrates an individual, business or organization that supports all U.S. veterans through the practice of exceptional citizenship and leadership. Helpful criteria may include:

  • Demonstrated practice of exceptional leadership to engage veterans in employment or events for community betterment.
  • Illustration of business practices or programs that resulted in a significant increase in visibility for veterans of any or all conflicts.

The George C. Marshall Award

This award celebrates an individual who has demonstrated an exemplary commitment to the community above and beyond business contributions. Entries in this category are awarded to community leaders who have demonstrated leadership, vision, and community service that our esteemed George C. Marshall would have admired. Individuals are not required to be Leesburg residents but must be connected to a Leesburg business or organization. Helpful criteria mayin clude:

  • The legacy of the contribution: the passion, drive,and team building ability of the individual as it relates to sustainable economic development in the Town of Leesburg.
  • How will this individual be remembered in future years?

 Click HERE for the online nomination form.