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Leesburg Town Council Presents 2017 Tolbert Environmental Achievement Award to Hasina Siddiq

Post Date:01/30/2018 3:59 PM
 2017 Tolbert Award presentation

Left to right: Council Member Vanessa Maddox, Vice Mayor Suzanne Fox, EAC member Helik Shemer, Hasina Siddiq,
and Mayor Kelly Burk

Leesburg, VA (January 30, 2018) – At the Leesburg Town Council meeting on Tuesday, January 9, the council and members of the town’s Environmental Advisory Commission (EAC) presented Hasina Siddiq with the 2017 Tolbert Environmental Achievement Award.

Ms. Siddiq was selected for her dedication to teaching environmental values. Siddiq is the managing director of the Sugarland Learning Academy, located at 42981 Edwards Ferry Road. The academy’s “LEAN TO GREEN” academic program teaches pre-school students to care for the earth in their everyday actions. Not only is the program environmentally friendly, but the Sugarland Learning Academy building is as well. The building features geothermal heating and solar electricity. The children learn about these technologies as part of the curriculum.  
“Our curriculum teaches children the importance of alternative sources of energy; how harmful emissions can contribute to global warming; how geothermal energy is virtually free of carbon dioxide and other emissions; how by gardening we can go green and benefit the earth; and how composting returns valuable nutrients to the soil to help maintain soil quality and fertility.” Ms. Siddiq explained upon receipt of the award. 

“We also teach our students that waste has a huge negative impact on our environment thus everyday recycling is very important,” she continued. “ In a society so disconnected with nature, Sugarland Learning Academy strives to change this trend by teaching students in a more eco-friendly yet fun way. We look forward to serving the Leesburg community and hopefully we can be an example for others to follow.”

According to EAC member Helik Shemer, “The Tolbert award is designed to encourage activities that benefit the Town’s environment. Such activities are vital to sustaining the quality and health of our community, and significantly contribute to the long-term well-being of our town for generations to come. Sugarland Learning Academy is educating a new generation on the importance of sustainable living: Doing so by practicing as well as teaching is just what is needed to guarantee success of this worthy endeavor." 

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Betsy Arnett
Public Information Officer

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