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At these hearings, all persons desiring to express their views concerning these matters will be heard. If you require a reasonable accommodation to participate in a meeting, please contact Karen Cicalese at (703) 771-2434 or  Three day advanced notice is requested.  Assisted Listening System devices are available at the meetings.

CANCELLED TLOA-2017-0006 Batch Text Amendments Public Hearing

Discussion was continued to the November 7. 2019 Planning Commission Meeting





ARTICLES 2,3,5,6,7,9,10,11,15, and 18


Pursuant to Sections 15.2-1427, 15.2-2204, 15.2-2205 and 15.2-2285 of the Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, the LEESBURG PLANNING COMMISSION will hold a public hearing on Thursday, SEPTEMBER 5, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Council Chambers, 25 West Market Street, Leesburg, Virginia, 20176. On an annual basis staff presents various zoning text amendments in a “batch” that primarily address changes to the Code of Virginia, zoning interpretations made by the Zoning Administrator, corrects errors, and responds to minor improvements to the usability of the ordinance. The proposed amendments affect following sections of the Zoning Ordinance:


  1. Sec. 2.3.3 [Board of Architectural Review] Composition
  2. Sec. 3.3.6 [Zoning Map Amendments] Submittal Requirements
  3. Sec. 3.3.4 [Board of Architectural Review] Required Qualifications
  4. Sec. 3.4.6 [Special Exception] Submittal Requirements
  5. Sec. 3.4.14 [Special Exception] Conditions and Safeguards
  6. Sec. 3.7.5 Site Plans
  7. Sec. 3.10.12 [Certificate of Appropriateness] Lapse of Approval
  8. Sec. 3.10.13 Change of Plans after Issuance of Certificate of Appropriateness
  9. Sec 3.13.9 [Variance] Approval Criteria
  10. Sec. 3.13.12 [Variance] Conditions and Safeguards
  11. Sec. 3.16.8 [Town Plan] Planning Commission Review and Recommendation
  12. Sec. 3.16.9 [Town Plan] Town Council Review and Decision
  13. Sec. 5.4.2 [R-4] Use Regulations
  14. Sec. 5.5.2 [R-6] Use Regulations
  15. Sec. 5.7.2 [R-8] Use Regulations
  16. Sec. 5.8.2 [R-16] Use Regulations
  17. Sec. 5.9.2 [R-22] Use Regulations
  18. Sec. 5.5.3.C [R-6] Minimum Yards and Setbacks
  19. Sec. 5.6.3.C [R-HD] Minimum Yards and Setbacks
  20. Sec. 5.7.3.C [R-8] Minimum Yards and Setbacks
  21. Sec. 6.3.2 [B-1] Use Regulations
  22. Sec. 6.4.2 [B-2] Use Regulations
  23. Sec. 6.5.2 [B-3] Use Regulations
  24. Sec. 6.6.2 [B-4] Use Regulations
  25. Sec. 6.7.2 [I-1] Use Regulations
  26. Sec. 7.5.5 [H-1] Certificate of Appropriateness
  27. Sec. 7.5.5.B [H-1] Exterior Modifications of Existing Buildings and Structures
  28. Sec. 7.5.6 [H-1] Administrative Approval of Certificates of Appropriateness
  29. Sec. 7.6.4 [H-2] Certificates of Approval
  30. Sec. 7.10.2 [Crescent Design District] Applicability
  31. Sec. Brewpub
  32. Sec. 9.3.13 Microbrewery
  33. Sec. 9.3.19 Personal Services
  34. Sec. 9.3.25.B Single-family Attached (Townhouse) Development
  35. Sec. 9.4.3 Home Occupations
  36. Sec. 9.4.8 [Accessory Uses] At-Home Doggie Daycare
  37. Sec. 9.4.9 [Accessory Uses] Vending Kiosk
  38. Sec. 9.4.7 [Accessory Uses] Family Day Homes
  39. Sec. 10.4.5.C.1 [Minimum Yard Requirements] Accessory Structures
  40. Sec. 10.3.3.H.2 [Traditional Design Option] Additional Development Standards
  41. Sec. 11.3 [Number of Parking Spaces Required] Outdoor Seating
  42. Sec. 11.3 [Number of Parking Spaces Required] Shopping Centers
  43. Sec. 11.6.1 [Parking and Loading Area Design Standards] Employee Parking
  44. Sec. 15.4 [Signs] Exemptions
  45. Article 18 Definitions

Copies and additional information regarding each of these proposed Zoning Ordinance amendments are available at the Department of Planning and Zoning located on the second floor of the Leesburg Town Hall, 25 West Market Street, Leesburg, Virginia 20176 during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.), or by calling 703-771-2765 and asking for Michael Watkins, Zoning Administrator.  This zoning ordinance amendment application is identified as case number TLOA-2017-0006.

At this hearing all persons desiring to express their views concerning these matters will be heard.  Persons requiring special accommodations should contact the Clerk to the Commission at (703) 771-2434, three days in advance of the meeting.  For TTY/TDD service, use the Virginia Relay Center by dialing 711.

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