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At these hearings, all persons desiring to express their views concerning these matters will be heard. If you require a reasonable accommodation to participate in a meeting, please contact Karen Cicalese at (703) 771-2434 or  Three day advanced notice is requested.  Assisted Listening System devices are available at the meetings.

Continued TLTA-2018-0002 Eastern Gateway District Small Area Plan Draft Re-certification Public Hearing

Discussion was continued to January 16, 2019 






Pursuant to Sections 15.2-1427, 15.2-2204, 15.2-2205 and 15.2-2285 of the Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, the LEESBURG PLANNING COMMISSION will hold a public hearing on THURSDAY, September 5, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Council Chambers, 25 West Market Street, Leesburg, Virginia 20176 to consider amendments to the “Town Plan” to establish a new Small Area Plan (SAP) known as the Eastern Gateway District Small Area Plan. This public hearing is taking place to allow the Planning Commission to recertify the draft Small Area Plan since the Town Council did not take action within 90 days of the Planning Commission’s original certification as required by Virginia State Code § 15.2-2226.

The SAP will be included as Chapter 12 of the Town Plan and will provide new policy guidance for the Eastern Gateway District as depicted in the figure below. The SAP will establish two new land use categories; “Technology and Employment” and Mixed Use Neighborhood” that will apply to designated parcels in the Eastern Gateway District.

The proposed Town Plan Amendment will also include revisions to various other chapters of the Town Plan to recognize the Eastern Gateway District SAP and allow its policies to supersede certain policies already in the Town Plan. Revisions will include but not be limited to a revised Planned Land Use Map, revised Transportation Network Map and policies, renaming the existing Community Commercial designation as “Neighborhood Center” and revisions to Chapter 6 Northeast and Southeast Planning Area objectives.

The Eastern Gateway district Small Area Plan will include the following topics:

  • An introduction with discussion of the SAP purpose, planning process, competing interests, current issues, emerging trends, and planning context;
  • A discussion of the Eastern Gateway District goal and vision as well as guiding principles;
  • Eastern Gateway District policies including overall planning objectives for: land use; architectural design; streetscape design; housing; transportation; natural resources; parks, recreation, and community facilities; heritage resources; economic development; and development process objectives;
  • New Eastern Gateway District land use categories including “Technology and Employment” and “Mixed Use Neighborhoods” with guidance on intent, uses, intensity (up to a 3.0 Floor Area Ratio (FAR)), and design in each category;
  • Quadrant Specific Policies with policy background and rationale, land use policies, transportation policies, and design polices for each quadrant in the Eastern Gateway District; and
  • Implementation polices that address steps necessary to implement the SAP.

The Eastern Gateway District is intended to addresses changing economic development trends and the shift away from campus style office development that were supported by previous planning efforts. The Eastern Gateway District also recognizes the function of East Market Street (Route 7) as a gateway into downtown Leesburg.

Additional information about these proposed Town Plan amendments and copies are available at the Department of Planning and Zoning located on the 2nd floor of the Leesburg Town Hall, 25 West Market Street, Leesburg, Virginia 20176 during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.), or by visiting the Town website:, or by calling Richard Klusek, Senior Planner, at 703-771-2758 or by emailing  This Town Plan Amendment is identified as case number TLTA-2018-0002, “Eastern Gateway District Small Area Plan”.

At this hearing, all persons desiring to express their views concerning this matter will be heard. Persons requiring special accommodations at the Planning Commission meeting should contact the Clerk of Commission at (703) 771-2434, three days in advance of the meeting. For TTY/TDD service, use the Virginia Relay Center by dialing 711.



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