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A Village in Time 1660-1990

Neil C. Hughes

A Village in Time, 1660-1990: Discovering American History in a Small Virginia Quaker Village, grew out of Hughes’ research into the people who built and lived in his own house, built by Quaker Samuel Hough in 1819, and the historic Quaker village, the Waterford National Historic Landmark. As he wrote about these people, the book became much more than the story of a house. It grew into the story of how one ordinary Virginia town came into being and got caught up in the extraordinary events that both divided and defined America from the mid-17th to the late-20th century––300 years of American history.

Neil C. Hughes. the author of China's Economic Challenge: Breaking the Iron Rice Bowl, is retired from the World Bank, where he spent over 20 years helping to develop programs for the poverty-stricken in Latin America, Africa, Nepal, Bangladesh, and China. He is an expert on economic development and a freelance writer, having published in Foreign Affairs and the Asian edition of the Wall Street Journal. Hughes holds an MA in international economics and politics from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, an MA in anthropology from The George Washington University and a BA in history from the College of Wooster in Ohio. In retirement, Hughes has discovered a new passion in historic preservation having served as president of the Waterford Foundation and testified before government officials about land use and conservation.

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