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Harriet Lane Original First Lady of Washington

Bob O’Connor

Harriet Lane Original First Lady of Washington is a well-researched historical fiction accounting of the life of a very interesting but virtually unknown historical figure. Orphaned at age eleven Lane became a ward of her mother's brother, politician James Buchanan. Buchanan sent her to the finest of schools and groomed her to be a highly educated and outspoken young lady. Lane was always the best academic student at those schools while at the same time seemed to be always in trouble. One of her teachers called her "a domestic outlaw." She always did everything she attempted well, including being really good at being mischievous. When he was elected 15th President of the US, Buchanan, who was unmarried and in his fifties, took his twenty-seven year old niece, Harriet, to serve with him. The press in Washington City called her the "first lady of the land," a title none of her predecessors in the President's Mansion had ever been called. Today we use the term to describe every lady who has served alongside the President of the United States.

Bob O'Connor, a native of Dicon, IL, is retired and a full time author who lives in Charles Town, WV. He has published thirteen books primarily on the American Civil War and been named finalist four times in national book awards competition. O'Connor annually presents nearly 100 programs per year across an area of about twenty states. He hosts the popular national podcast "The Chronicles of the American Civil War," heard weekly on Itunes, Tunein, Google Play, and Stitcher. O'Connor is also known nationally for his historical impersonations of Abraham Lincoln's bodyguard, Ward Hill Lamon.

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