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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

What are the procedures for requesting DCSM Modifications when a specific design is unable to meet exact DCSM requirements?
A DCSM Modification request must be submitted in the form of a letter addressed to the Director of Plan Review demonstrating a need for the particular modification and must also include justification the request. If the modification is related to a waterline or sanitary sewer, the request must be forwarded to the Director of Utilities for consideration. Generally, DCSM Modification requests will be considered when an applicant demonstrates that all standard engineering design solutions have been exhausted.

In addition to the written request, each individual request must also be clearly identified on the cover sheet of the construction plans, with a number located in an inverted triangle citing each specific DCSM Section that is modified. These numbered inverted triangles must also be added to each individual sheet in the vicinity of each design item that requires the modification.
Why should I care about the stormwater for any damage runoff from my property?
Excessive runoff could flood and erode your neighbor’s property.  And you could be held liable for any damages. Stormwater runoff can also carry harmful pollutants, pesticides, fertilizer, trash, automotive fuel and lubricants, and animal waste to storm drains or directly into streams. It is very important to remember that anything that enters a storm drain system always ends up in water that is used for swimming, boating, fishing and, perhaps most importantly, drinking.
What is the procedure for adding revised "insert sheets" into previously submitted plans when insert sheets are requested by Town Staff?
When insert sheets are requested by the Department of Plan Review, the applicant must follow the following procedure to insert the revised sheets into the previously submitted plans.
• No insert sheets are allowed unless specifically requested by the Director of Plan Review or his Designee.
• The applicant must coordinated a specific time to come by the second floor Central Plan Intake counter to make the inserts with the DPR Project manager.
• Once a designated time has been arranged, the applicant must bring the revised insert sheets to the CPI counter for insertion into the previously submitted plan set.
• It is be the applicant’s responsibility to bring all necessary office supplies for doing the insertions such as a red pen, red marker, yellow marker, stapler, staple remover, or pair of pliers.
• If there are any questions during the inserting process, the applicant should ask for assistance at the 2nd Floor Central Plan Intake window before leaving.
• The CPI Staff will provide the applicant with the previously submitted plan set and direct the applicant to a work area where the applicant can make the inserts. Town Staff shall not be responsible for performing the actual insert work; do not just “drop off” insert sheets and leave.
• When the Applicant is finished they are responsible to adequately rebind each set of inserted plan and to return all updated plan sets to the CPI counter and inform a member of the DPR Staff that the insert process has been completed.
How do I research my property, and what information may I find?

With Internet access this information is just a click away! The Town of Leesburg uses an interactive mapping system known as WebLogis that allows users to access:

By selecting the available links, you will be able to retrieve such information as County tax records, property owner information, tax map numbers, Property Identification Numbers (PINs), most recent sales information, deed and recordation information. You will also be able to look at GIS mapping information that provides basic zoning information, property geometrics, topography and other site specific characteristics.

For additional information about how your property is zoned, call the Town's Planning and Zoning Department at 703-771-2765, and ask for a Zoning Inspector.

For what length of time are approved Site Plans or Construction Drawings valid?
Currently, all approved Site Plans and Construction Plans are valid for as long as the bond is active. However, the Town’s current unwritten policy exceeds State Code allowances and could change at some date in the future. Town approvals for all other of plans and permits each have their own individual and differing time periods before expiration.
How do I find out where my plan is timewise in the review process?
Contact the DPR Project Manager that was assigned to your project at the first submission of your Land Development Application. The Town has implemented a Project Manager/Review Team approach to processing Land Development Applications by the Department of Plan Review. The Project Manager is the single point of contact who knows about the status of your project at any time throughout the process. If you do not know who your Project Manager is, contact the Department of Plan Review at (703) 771-2740.
Do I have to highlight all changes on sets of the subsequent submissions of my plan?
Yes, so that the reviewers can determine exactly what has changed; and to prevent the reviewer from having to re-review what has not changed, allowing for a speedy review.
How long will it take to get my plan approved?
It depends in large measure on both the quality and the completeness of each submission as well as the size and degree of difficulty of the project. The first submission of any Site Plan or Construction Plan will be reviewed by Town Staff within 60 days. All subsequent submissions will be reviewed by Town Staff within 45 days. Town Staff works diligently with each applicant to reduce the number of total submissions to three or less to make the process predictable. However, additional submissions may be required for low quality or more challenging applications. It is also important to note that the Town does not dictate the amount of time an applicant may have an application between submissions.
What types of porous paving are permitted?
Pervious Pavement is currently allowed only on private property for surfaces that are privately maintained. Article 5 of the DCSM requires that all Pervious Paving consist of either a pervious paver system or pervious concrete, but The Director of Plan Review can authorize other materials on a case-by-case base basis. Grasscrete, Grass Pave and other similar products can also be used.
What is considered an impervious surface?
An Impervious surface is any surface that does not allow water to be absorbed by the ground. Examples of impervious surfaces include roofs of buildings, homes, sheds, roadways, parking lots, sidewalks, and driveways. Compacted gravel and some dirt areas can also at times be considered impervious.
Are fences permitted in storm drainage easements?
Always check with the Town’s Department of Public Works at (703) 771-2790 before erecting a fence or any other structure within an easement. In most cases, you may construct a fence on your property as long as it does not interfere with the flow of stormwater or redirect the flow onto a neighbor's property. Permanent structures such as footings, brick piers or columns  never allowed in easements.
What are the Town requirements for maintenance accessways to stormwater management facilities?
Per DCSM Section 5-380.3, maintenance access ways to stormwater management facilities must have a minimum width of 12 feet with a 2% maximum cross slope and a 12% maximum longitudinal slope. Maintenance access ways must be constructed of with shot rock, grasspave, or other similar material, and must be kept clear of all physical obstructions such as shrubs, trees, buildings and fences. Additional access requirements will also apply when a combined spillway has been used.
Are highway embankments allowed to be used as dam embankments?
Per DCSM Section 5-512.5, highway embankments located within the Town Limits are not, in general, permitted to be used as dam embankments. However, under certain conditions and circumstances, special permission from the Director of Plan Review may be granted.
How do I apply for a Site Plan?
Once you have gathered all of the components for a Site Plan Application, submit your application to the Central Plan Intake counter on the 2nd floor of Town Hall at 25 West Market Street in Leesburg.  Before we can accept any application, the application must meet the Town’s Minimum Submission Checklist for Site Plan application requirements.  If you haven’t submitted a Site Plan application in Leesburg before, we recommend that you call us at 703-771-2740 to arrange a meeting with one of our Project Managers.  
What are the requirements for the use of protective handrails on a project?
Handrails must be incorporated into the plan design whenever vertical drops or heights of storm system endwalls exceed 18 inches. Handrails must be designed in accordance with VDOT standards and labeled accordingly on the drawings. Protective handrails must also be placed in all hazardous locations identified by Town Inspectors.
What do I need to make a subdivision application?
You must provide at least:
• A completed Land Development Application form from the Department of Plan Review located on the 2nd floor of Town Hall, 25 West Market Street in Leesburg.
• Verification that a Preliminary Plat has been approved by the Planning Commission as well as Town Staff.
• A completed Minimum Submission Checklist.
• A set of Construction Drawings, which typically shows: required frontage improvements, zoning regulations and requirements, building footprints, travel ways, parking, drainage facilities, stormwater management, sanitary sewer lines, water lines, trails, lighting, landscaping, proposed and existing land contours, geotechnical recommendations, etc. The Construction Drawings must also include tabulations, calculations, profiles, details, notes and all other engineering and planning related items to verify the plan meets minimum Town codes and standards. The specific requirements are outlined in Division 3 of the Subdivision and Land Development Regulations.
• A plat prepared by a Professional Engineer or Land Surveyor which has been prepared in accordance with the Town’s Subdivision and Land Development Regulations and meets the minimum submission checklist requirements.
• A check for the appropriate fee made out to the Town of Leesburg.
• A Bond Estimate for all Public Improvements.
• Legal documentation as appropriate. At a minimum, this usually consists of a deed of subdivision, and/or a deed of easement and dedication. Sample forms may be obtained from the Department of Plan Review.
How do I submit a subdivision application?
Once you have all of the components of a Subdivision Application package, submit it to the Central Plan Intake counter located on the 2nd floor of Town Hall located at 25 West Market Street in Leesburg. However, be advised that before any application can be accepted , it must comply with the Town’s Minimum Submission Checklist. Subdivision Regulations tend to provide for several alternatives which may be used to subdivide property. Therefore, it is recommended that applicants, especially those who have never submitted a subdivision application in the Town of Leesburg, arrange a meeting with one of the Plan Review Project Managers by calling 703-771-2740 to discuss potential subdivision options prior to the preparation of any subdivision plat or related construction plans.

How do I start the special exception process?
You must submit a Pre-Application Conference Request Form and attend a Pre-Application Conference. The process is outlined on the Special Exception Flow Chart.
How do I start the rezoning process?
You must submit a Pre-Application Conference Request Form and attend a Pre-Application Conference. The process is outlined on the Rezoning Flow Chart.

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