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Taxes, Fines & Fees

The Town of Leesburg maintains some of the lowest tax rates and fees among Northern Virginia towns.

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    What You Get for Your Tax Dollars
    Leesburg tax dollars allow the town to provide a wide range of services, including:

    • Curbside trash collection and recycling
    • 66 miles of clean and well-maintained streets
    • Snow removal
    • Leaf & brush collection
    • Neighborhood and community parks totaling more than 250 acres
    • Basketball courts, athletic fields and skatepark
    • Playgrounds and recreation programs
    • Seasonal special events
    • Public parking facilities
    • More than 1,300 street lights
    • Miles of curbs, sidewalks and storm drains
    • 24-hour police protection
    • More than 900 fire hydrants
    • Zoning enforcement
    • General aviation airport
    • History and genealogy library
    • Full-service recreation center
    • Modern and convenient government center
    • and much more

    Other Consumer Taxes 
    The Town of Leesburg also levies the following consumer taxes:
    • Cigarettes - 75 cents per pack
    • Prepared meals - 3.5%
    • Short-term rentals - 1%
    • Lodging - 6% (as of July 2, 1013, this tax will increase to 8%; the additional 2% is a regional tax that will go to the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority)
    • Utilities - 16% of the first $15 of net charge per month for electric, gas & phone service

    All consumer taxes are paid at time of purchase and remitted by the business on behalf of the consumer.

    Leesburg residents also pay taxes to the County of Loudoun at the rate of $1.205 per $100 assessed value for real estate and $4.20 per $100 for personal property (2013 rates). Loudoun County provides such services as schools, libraries, community centers, social services, the court system and jail, a landfill, animal control and fire & rescue services. Real Estate assessments are conducted by Loudoun County. For questions concerning assessments, contact the Loudoun County Assessor at 703-777-0267. More tax information is available at Loudoun County Taxes.

    Moving out of Leesburg? 
    Please notify the Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue at 703-777-0260 so that your assessment may be prorated, if necessary. If you are moving from Leesburg but remaining in Loudoun, the Commissioner must update your account so that you do not continue to be assessed with Town taxes and a County decal must also be obtained from the Loudoun County Treasurer, 703-777-0280.

    Moving out of Loudoun County? 
    Please notify the Loudoun County Commissioner of Revenue at 703-777-0260 so that your assessment may be prorated, if necessary.

    Already in Loudoun County but moving into Leesburg? 
    In addition to obtaining a Leesburg decal within 30 days of moving into the Town of Leesburg, you must notify the Commissioner of the Revenue at 703-777-0260 so that the Town will be provided with your assessment for local property tax purposes and you do not continue to be billed for a Loudoun County decal.


    Last updated: 6/10/2013 11:03:45 AM