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Vehicle Registration (Decals)

Town Hall ViewAny person who owns or leases a vehicle and garages it in Leesburg must properly display a Town Vehicle Decal as proof of registration with the Town and payment of Personal Property Taxes. The Town of Leesburg issues permanent decals that are valid as long as the vehicle is owned by the purchaser and all personal property taxes are current.  The motor vehicle license fee is assessed and due annually although the decal is permanent.

Vehicles must be registered within 30 days at Department of Motor Vehicles and the County of Loudoun prior to purchasing a Town of Leesburg decal. 


Annual Motor Vehicle License Fees (a.k.a. Decal Fees)
The Town issues permanent decals in association with the motor vehicle license fees which are assessed and due annually.  For information on annual motor vehicle license (decal) fee payment options, please visit the Motor Vehicle Registration (Decal) Payment Options page

  • Privately Owned Vehicles:
    • Automobiles and Motor Homes: $25.00
    • Motorcycles: $15.00
  • Fully or Partially Exempt Taxpayers*:
    • Military (Non-Taxable), Foreign Military, Foreign Diplomats, Congresspersons, Disabled Veterans and former P.O.W.'s: $1.00
    • Antique vehicles classified as antique on the DMV registration: $1.00
    • Fire and Rescue Volunteers: The Loudoun County Department of Management Services provides the Town a listing of qualified volunteers based on service: $0.00 - The free decal is limited to one qualifying vehicle.

*The Town will issue one decal at the price specified above but reprints will be charged at full price.

New Decal Purchases

  **All previously billed taxes must be paid before a decal can be issued**

Purchase by Mail:

Include Payment and Loudoun County Account Number and return Decal Request Form

Purchase at Town Hall:

25 W. Market St - Map 

The vehicle must be registered with Loudoun County before the Town can register your vehicle. Virginia DMV or the dealership is not responsible for registering your vehicle with Loudoun County or the Town of Leesburg. Requesting a Town decal can not be done online. You can download the registration form (above), complete and return for processing. A decal will be mailed to you.

Residents purchasing vehicles are responsible for obtaining a new decal within 30 days of purchase of the vehicle. 

Decal Transfers
If you purchase a new vehicle, you may transfer the decal from a vehicle already registered in the Town to that new vehicle for $1.00.  To transfer a decal, you must remove the decal from the old vehicle and return it to the Town. If a vehicle has been traded and the decal destroyed, you must sign a affidavit confirming the destruction of the decal from the dealership.

Residents moving from another Virginia jurisdiction may exchange their current decal for $1.00 (within 30 days of relocating) with proof of purchase of the motor vehicle license fee for that year.

Please Note:  Vehicles in Virginia must also display a Virginia Vehicle Safety inspection sticker which must be renewed annually.  The inspection sticker can be obtained at a licensed state inspection location.

Last updated: 10/15/2013 9:17:03 AM