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For additional building related questions and answers, visit the Department of Plan Review FAQ page.

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When do I need a Temporary Use Permit?

The following uses may be permissible on a temporary basis, depending upon the Zoning District:

  • Wayside stand
  • Christmas tree sale 
  • Carnivals, fairs, festivals, and similar events
  • Outdoor retail sales event
  • Farmers market
  • Meeting or rally

See Zoning Ordinance Section 9.5 for a list of procedures and criteria for temporary use evaluation.

What type of signs can I have for my business?
See the Town’s Sign Regulations webpage for permissible business signs, as well as Zoning Ordinance Article 15-Sign Regulations for the latest sign ordinance information. 
Do I need a permit to have a special event for my business?
Yes. Grand opening and special sales events are permitted as listed in Zoning Ordinance section 9.6-Business Special Events.
Do I need a license or permit to operate a business in my home?
Yes, you will need to obtain a Business License and a Home Occupation Permit prior to operating a business out of your home.  These can be done in the same visit to Town Hall. 
Are there limitations on the sale of items within my home?
Section 9.4.3.E.2 of the Leesburg Zoning Ordinance states "No storage or display of goods shall be visible from outside the structure.  In addition, no direct sales of products off display shelves or racks is permitted, but orders made by telephone or at a sales party may be filled on the premises."
Do I need to renew my Home Occupation Permit?
Once issued, a home occupation permit remains in place so long as you maintain the same residence, renew your business license annually and adhere to the provisions of the permit and Section 9.4.3 of the Leesburg Zoning Ordinance.
Are signs permitted to advertise my home based business?
Section 9.4.3.E of the Leesburg Zoning Ordinance states "No signs accessory to such home occupation shall be displayed except as otherwise permitted or authorized by Town regulations."
Are there limitations on the number of employees I can have working from my home?
Section 9.4.3.E of the Leesburg Zoning Ordinance states, "Members of the family occupying such dwelling may be employed on the premises in connection with the home occupation.  One employee, other than members of the family occupying such dwelling, shall be permitted to work on-site given one additional off-street parking space is provided."
Are there special regulations pertaining to operating a daycare in my home?
Home based daycares or "Family Day Homes" are subject to the requirements of Section of the Leesburg Zoning Ordinance.  Please visit our Home-Based Child Care page for more information.
What should I know about excessive occupancy in the Town of Leesburg?
  • For a confirmed violation, it may take more than 50 days to resolve.
  • A shortage of parking in a residential area may not indicate a code violation.
  • The Town's Zoning Ordinance addresses different aspects of excessive occupancy than the Loudoun County Building Maintenance Code:
What do I need to provide to obtain a Zoning Permit?

In the case of a deck, shed or small building addition:
• 2 copies of your house location survey/plat with the addition or accessory structure (drawn to scale) on the plat. Staff will gladly assist homeowners who help prepare a plat for permit review.
• Depending upon the actual improvement(s), a Minor Site Plan or a Site Plan Waiver may also be required.
• A completed Zoning Permit Application.
• The appropriate fee for the type of Zoning Permit requested.

In the case of interior alterations such as finishing a basement, or remodeling a kitchen, please provide:
• 2 copies of a drawing indicating the new improvements. Interior alteration drawings do not have to be professionally prepared.
• A completed Zoning Permit Application.
• A fee is required for each permit requested.

Also, if your property is located in the H-1 or H-2 Historic Districts, improvements will also be subject to the review and approval of the Board of Architectural Review (BAR).

How do I research my property, and what information may I find?

With Internet access this information is just a click away! The Town of Leesburg uses an interactive mapping system known as WebLogis that allows users to access:

By selecting the available links, you will be able to retrieve such information as County tax records, property owner information, tax map numbers, Property Identification Numbers (PINs), most recent sales information, deed and recordation information. You will also be able to look at GIS mapping information that provides basic zoning information, property geometrics, topography and other site specific characteristics.

For additional information about how your property is zoned, call the Town's Planning and Zoning Department at 703-771-2765, and ask for a Zoning Inspector.

Do I need a permit to install a fence?
Permits are not needed to erect a fence in residential districts, unless in the H-1 or H-2 Historic Overlay Districts which would be subject to review and approval by the Board of Architectural Review. Limitations are listed in Zoning Ordinance section 10.4.5.C.6 for Minimum Yard Requirements for Fences, Walls and Hedges – see also Department of Plan Review and Loudoun County Building and Development.
Is a Town Zoning Permit required if all I am doing is repair work (e.g., installing additional electrical sockets, or replacing my hot water tank or leaking water pipes)?
If there is no work being done to the exterior of the building, there is probably no Town Permit required. Typically, the Loudoun County Department of Building and Development handles these types of improvements and/or repairs, issuing all related Health Department, Electrical, Gas, Plumbing and Mechanical Permits. For more information, contact the Loudoun County Department of Building and Development at 703-777-0220; located at 1 Harrison Street, SE, 2nd floor, Leesburg, VA 20175.
Whom do I contact at Loudoun County for a Building Permit?
Contact the Loudoun County Department of Building and Development at 703-777-0220; located at 1 Harrison Street, SE, 2nd floor, Leesburg, VA 20175.
When do I need a Zoning Permit?

A Town Zoning Permit is required for almost any type of construction within Town.  For example, constructing new buildings, room additions, interior alterations, decks, patios and accessory structures such as sheds, all require a Zoning Permit.

However, fences erected in residential districts do not require a zoning permit unless you are located within the H-1 or H-2 Historic Overlay Districts.  In these Districts, erection or modification of a fence requires Board of Architectural Review and/or Town Preservation Planner approval.  There are also height restrictions and material requirements which apply to fences.  Contact our Planning and Zoning Department for additional information.

Why do I need both a Town Zoning Permit and County Building Permit?
The Town reviews the use and location of any proposal. Loudoun County reviews Statewide Uniform Building Code requirements on behalf of the Town. For example, when requesting a permit for a deck, the Town will need to review a final house location survey or plat, with proposed deck drawn to scale, to verify that the location of the deck is within the permitted setbacks from the rear and side property lines. The County will issue a building permit in order to carry out inspections to verify that the deck is structurally sound.
Whom do I contact for additional questions regarding a Zoning Permit application?
Zoning staff at 703-737-7183 or 771-2768; Department of Planning and Zoning, 25 West Market Street, 2nd floor, Leesburg, VA.
What happens once an excessive occupancy complaint is received?

Note that when a complainant is contacted by a Zoning Inspector to follow up on a complaint, the complainant contact information remains confidential.


An investigation is opened by a Zoning Inspector, which includes site visits and surveillance. If investigation shows that probable cause exists, a courtesy letter is sent to the property owner of the dwelling in question via postal mail to inquire regarding the complaint. If there is no response, then a door hanger is placed on the dwelling.


If a violation is verified through the investigation and inquiry, a Notice of Violation letter is sent to the property owner of the dwelling in question advising the owner to abate the violation. If the property owner cooperates with the Zoning Inspectors and abates the violation, the case is ultimately closed. If the owner does not cooperate, the Zoning Inspectors work with the Town Attorney to pursue legal action to resolve the violation.

Under the Virginia Property Maintenance Code, what are the limitations on occupancy?

Limitations on occupancy are based on the minimum area requirements of Table 404.5 in Chapter 4 of the Virginia Maintenance Code.

Space Minimum Area in Square Feet
1-2 occupants 3-5 occupants 6 or more occupants
Living Room 120 120 150
Dining Room No requirement 80 100
Kitchen 50 50 60
Bedroom 70 + 50 per person

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