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Vehicle License (Decal) Fee


Town Hall ViewVehicles must be registered with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and with Loudoun County prior to registering with the Town and paying the Town of Leesburg vehicle license (decal) fee.

Any person who owns or leases a vehicle and garages it in Leesburg must properly display a Town of Leesburg Vehicle Decal as proof of registration with the Town and payment of personal property taxes. The Town of Leesburg issues permanent decals that are valid as long as the vehicle is owned by the purchaser and all personal property taxes are current. 

The vehicle license fee (also known as the vehicle decal fee) is assessed and due annually even though the decal is permanent.


Recent Changes to Vehicle License (Decal) Fee

On March 25, 2014, the Leesburg Town Council passed an ordinance to simplify personal property tax payments and improve customer service. The ordinance:

  • Eliminated pro-ration of the Town personal property taxes
  • Eliminated pro-ration of the Town vehicle license (decal) fee
  • Changed the due date for personal property tax bills to May 5 from the current date of October 5
  • Aligned the payment date for the vehicle license (decal) fees with the personal property tax year of January 1 to December 31

The changes to Leesburg's personal property taxes do not affect the requirement to register a new vehicle with Loudoun County and the Town of Leesburg, and to obtain a Town decal within 30 days of acquiring a new vehicle or moving into the Town. Bills will be sent in April 2015 that will include personal property taxes and the annual licensing (decal) fee. Bills will be based on vehicles garaged in the Town as of January 1, 2015. Payment will be due by May 5, 2015.

Please note that this change does not affect your Loudoun County personal property taxes. Loudoun County bills for personal property taxes twice a year. You will receive personal property tax bills from Loudoun County that will be due on May 5 and October 5, 2014.

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Annual Vehicle License (Decal) Fee Schedule

The annual vehicle license (decal) fee is billed with your personal property taxes and is due on May 5th of each year. 

Motor Vehicles*
 Automobiles and Motor Homes $25.00
 Motorcycles  $15.00

*Town will issue one decal at these prices. Replacement decals are $5.00 each.

 Reduced and Exempt License (Decal) Fees for Privately Owned Vehicles
Military personnel on active duty 


Spouses of military personnel on active duty
who are not residents of Virginia 
Members of the United States Congress
and their spouses
Recognized foreign diplomats
and their immediate families
Disable American veterans
Vehicle must display current Virginia disabled veteran license plates
Virginia National Guard members
Vehicles must display current Virginia National Guard license plates 
Antique vehicles
DMV registration must classify the vehicle as antique

Loudoun County Fire & Rescue Volunteers

One qualified vehicle per volunteer, per year


The following vehicles do not qualify for reduced or exempt license (decal) fees:

  • Leased vehicles
  • Vehicles used more than 50% for business purposes
  • Vehicles co-owned with a person who does not qualify for a reduced or exempt fee

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Purchasing Vehicle Decals

All motor vehicles parked, stored, or garaged in the Town of Leesburg must display a Town of Leesburg vehicle decal within 30 days of purchase or move.  All previously billed personal property taxes must be paid and the vehicle must be registered with Loudoun County before it can be registered with the Town and a decal issued.

You can purchase vehicle decals in person at Town Hall or by mail. 

  • To purchase a vehicle decal in person, bring your valid state registration card, vehicle title or bill of sale, and your driver’s license to the Finance Department counter on the first floor of Town Hall (25 West Market St, Leesburg, VA 20176). We are open 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, except Town holidays.
  • To purchase a vehicle decal by mail, download and complete the vehicle decal request form, and mail the completed form with a copy of your valid state registration and payment for your Town Decal to:

Town of Leesburg
Finance Department
25 West Market St
Leesburg, VA 20176

Your vehicle decal will be mailed to you.

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Decal Transfers and Replacements

  • If you trade-in a vehicle with a current decal and purchase a replacement vehicle:
    • If possible, remove the decal from the trade-in vehicle
    • Register the replacement vehicle with Loudoun County
    • Register the replacement vehicle with the Town
    • Return the old decal to the Town*
    • Pay $5.00 for a replacement decal
  • If the decal is damaged (for example, you replace your windshield):
    • If possible, remove the decal
    • Return the old decal to the Town*
    • Pay $5.00 for a replacement decal
  • If you move to Leesburg from another Virginia jurisdiction:
    • Register your vehicle with Loudoun County
    • Register your vehicle with the Town
    • Provide proof of payment of vehicle decal fee from previous location
    • Pay $1.00 for new Town decal

*If the decal is destroyed, you can sign an affidavit confirming destruction.

Vehicles must also display Virginia Vehicle Safety Inspection stickers which must be renewed annually. Inspection stickers can be obtained at any state-licensed inspection station.