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Annexation Area Development Policies (AADP) Committee


The Annexation Area Development Policies (AADP) Committee is a joint policy committee composed of 2 representatives each from the Leesburg Town Council and Loudoun County Board of Supervisors as appointed by the respective governing bodies. The Committee, created via the 1982-1983 Annexation Agreement and the Annexation Agreement Development Policies, serves as a forum for discussing issues relating to administration, and enforcement of the agreement and policies. Since its formation, the Committee has convened to discuss policy, land use proposals, public facilities and other planning issues as they arise.

In Autumn 2006, the AADP Committee convened to discuss planning issues in the Leesburg Joint Land Management Area (JLMA) and other areas that are adjacent to the Town’s corporate limits. These areas are outside the 1982 annexation area; however, the AADP Committee was a logical choice as an established joint committee to discuss planning issues of current interest to both the Town and the County. Thus, the Committee requested representatives from the Town and County Planning Commissions to join them in discussing these planning issues.

Committee Members
Leesburg Town Council: Katie Sheldon Hammler, Kevin Wright 
Loudoun County Board of Supervisors: Geary Higgins, Ken Reid 
Leesburg Planning Commission: Earl Hoovler, Doris Kidder 
Loudoun County Planning Commission: Tom Dunn, Eugene Scheel

For more information about the Committee, including meeting agendas, packets and documents, please contact the Loudoun County Department of Planning.