Brush Collection Services

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Additional yard waste collection days will end the last full week of October 2017. Beginning October 30, 2017, yard waste will be collected on the same day as your trash pickup day (SE/SW = Monday, NE/NW = Tuesday). For more information on the collection schedule please visit our Yard Waste Collection page.

Please note that the regulations regarding brush collection have changed due to Town Code amendments approved July 25, 2017. Beginning on October 2nd brush piles may not exceed a 4' x 4' x 8' volume. This is the maximum amount that will be collected in one stop. If the piles exceeds this amount it will be tagged and NO material will be collected. Branches must be a minimum of 4' long for crews to safely feed them into the chipper. Branches under 4' long may be bundled  or bagged for collection by CSI with yard waste.
Brush must be placed at the curb Sunday evening for collection between Monday and Thursday.


If you have a smaller amount of tree limbs and branches, please use the yard waste collection service instead. This will help reduce the volume for the Street Division and ensure more efficient services. Yard waste/brush in brown paper bags or loose in cans with a yard waste sticker is collected twice weekly from May through October and once per week from November through April. Please see the Yard Waste Collection page for more information or email

Got Brush? Please see below for information on how to prepare
tree limbs and branches for pickup.

Through the Street Division, the Town of Leesburg provides collection of brush free of chargeBrush Collection to residents receiving curbside refuse and recycling pickup. Brush pickup includes ONLY branches and limbs no larger than 8 feet in length and 6 inches in diameter. Limbs must be a minimum of 4' long for crews to safely feed them into the chipper.

Brush should be placed by the curb Sunday evening for collection – the chipper truck begins collecting Monday morning and usually completes the Town collection by Thursday. Collection days and times will vary depending on the season and schedule of the collection unit. No call is necessary to request brush collection and we cannot take specific requests for pickups.

Small Brush PileWhenever possible, please utilize the yard waste collection services provided on your recycling day through CSI.  Small piles of limbs and twigs can be hard for collection crews to spot and can be placed in brown paper yard waste or other biodegradable/compostable bags and picked up on the same day as your trash and recycling (May-September). 


Please see Yard Waste for additional information.

Please refer to the following guidelines when preparing brush for collection:



  • Include tree limbs at least 4' long but no more than 8 ’ in length and under 6” in diameter
  • Place at curb line Sundaynight

No firewood - crews cannot take logs or tree trunks cut into smaller pieces - even under 6" in diameter - feeding shorter material into the chipper is prohibited for safety reasons.



 Stack or pile loose at curb

 Brush at Curb


No logs over 6" in diameter


Brush Too Large

Logs 1

Include all types of trees

 Limbs at Curb

Do not mix with other lawn/garden debris


Mixed Material Pile

 Do not mix with refuse, recycling or bulk


Brush Mixed with Trash

Do not place brush in cans - stack loose at curb


Brush in Cans

  • No fence posts
  • No decking material
  • No pressure-treated lumber
  • No garden tool handles
  • No vines or yard/garden waste
  • Do not leave ties or wires attached to limbs
  • No stumps or root balls from shrubs or trees
  • No tree trunks
  • No rocks or dirt
  • Do not block sidewalks
  • Do not place brush in streets or in front of storm drains or other utilities

    Items not acceptable for collection will be tagged.

    For additional information or questions regarding brush removal, please contact the Street Maintenance Division at 703-737-7073 or e-mail