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 Board of Architectural Review (BAR) Application and Procedures
• COA - Certificate of Appropriateness Application & Checklist for H-1 and H-2 reviews, as well as comprehensive sign plans*
         *There is a 3-day acceptance period upon receipt of application and materials.
H-1 Overlay District (Old and Historic District)
• H-2 Overlay District (Corridor District)

Land Development Applications and Procedures
• Disclosure of Real Parties in Interest Form
Land Development Application
Pre-Application Conference Request Form
Rezoning and Special Exception Procedures Manuals
• Traffic Impact Analysis Scoping Document
VDOT 527 Review Process Applicability

Sign Permits and Other Zoning Forms

Alleged Zoning Violation Complaint Form and Excessive Occupancy Questionnaire
Board of Zoning Appeals Application
• Home Occupation Permit
Projection & Streetscape Amenities Permit
Sample Deed Language
Sign Permit Application and Temporary Sign Permit Application
Sign Permit Application - Comprehensive Sign Plan
Temporary Use Permit
Trailer Permit Application
Zoning Permit for new construction, additions, interior alterations, decks, demolition, special events
     (Note: Zoning Permit form must be printed on Legal size paper.  Plans to be submitted should be no larger than 11"x17")


Site Plan Checklists & Subdivision and Land Development Regulations (Department of Plan Review)

Tree Preservation (Article 12) User Documents
Landscape Bond Schedule
Planting Schedule
Plant Substitution Request Form
Tree Canopy Worksheet
Tree Inventory Guides
Tree Management Report (TMR)
Tree Replacement Formula


Notice: Section 3.1.7 Proof of Payment of Real Estate Taxes
Prior to the initiation of an application for a Zoning Map Amendment, Zoning Concept Plan or Proffer Amendment, Special Exception, Variance, Development Plan or Zoning Permit approval, applicant shall provide satisfactory evidence from the Director of Finance that any real estate taxes due and owed to the Town which have been properly assessed against the property have been paid.