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Future Priority Projects



The following is a list of projects that are priorities for future inclusion in the Capital Improvements Program based upon funding availability and the priorities of the Town Council. Costs are estimates and are subject to change.


Project Summary

Estimated Cost


Church Street Improvements Phase II (07304)

Project includes extension of paved roadway approximately 200 feet towards the W&OD Trail to connect to future private development. The project includes construction of a Crescent District water feature at the southern end of Church Street adjacent to the proposed Waterford Development project.


Awaiting progress of future private development

Edwards Ferry Road Sidewalk Replacement (West of Woodberry Road) (NEW) 

Replace approximately 550 feet of curb and brick sidewalk on the north side of Edwards Ferry Road west of Woodberry Road. The project will improve the sidewalk to meet current ADA and VDOT standards for sidewalk width and vertical separation between the sidewalk and travel lanes. The project is not intended to improve roadway geometrics or drainage to meet current standards.


Awaiting Funding

Edwards Ferry Road Widening Improvements (NEW)

Widening of the roadway by approximately 1,600 linear feet between Battlefield Shopping Center and Battlefield Parkway. This will complete Edwards Ferry Road as a four lane divided roadway between the Bypass and the eastern town limits (previously CIP project #10301)


Awaiting funding

Hogback Tank Vault and Related Piping/Valves (18NEW2)

The Department of Utilities has followed Virginia Department of Health guidelines in developing a water storage tank cleaning and maintenance program which involves performing maintenance at 3-5 year intervals.  Presently, Hogback Tank has no check valves and piping to prevent contaminated water from re-entering the distribution system during tank refilling operations. 


Awaiting funding

Ida Lee Soccer/Lacrosse Field No. 3 (01301)

Development of a third irrigated soccer/lacrosse field at Ida Lee Park. Plans are ready to be approved.


Awaiting funding

Town Branch Improvements (10305)

Project to provide stream channel improvements to the Town Branch corridor. The purpose of the project is to alleviate flooding, and to support the Crescent District Master Plan and proposed Waterford Development project.


Awaiting funding

Traffic Signal and Left Turn Lane at Catoctin Circle/Edwards Ferry Road Intersection (07303)

Traffic studies have shown that a traffic signal and additional turn lanes are warranted at this intersection. A Loudoun County proffer in connection with the courthouse expansion project will fund the traffic signal. This project also includes a left turn lane for westbound traffic from Edwards Ferry Road onto southbound Catoctin Circle. The timing of this project was established to coincide with the completion of the Lowenbach Street improvement project (Project Number 05303). Implementation of this project will be based on an analysis of the impact of opening the neighborhood streets.


Awaiting completion of Lowenbach improvements

Veterans Park at Balls Bluff (02302)

Design and construction of public recreational facilities, a public access road, parking, boat launch, picnic areas, meadow, park pavilions and visitors’ center consistent with Park Master Plan.


Awaiting funding

Water Plant Sludge Holding Tank Mixing system Upgrade (19NEW1)

This project improves solids removal from sludge holding tanks #1 and #2.  the existing mixing system does not impart enough energy within the tank to maintain solids suspension.



Water Treatment Plant Filters #1 and #2 Underdrain Replacement (18NEW1)

Water Plant Filter improvement project includes the removal of filter media, filter bottom replacement and installing an air-scour system for both filters #1 and #2.  The filter media was last replaced in 1993.  This project will improve WTP hydraulic performance, eliminate negative head conditions experienced during high flows and provide the ability to add additional media if required to meet future water quality regulations.


Awaiting funding

Customs and Border Patrol Office Space

Design and renovation of space located on the first floor of the terminal building.  Office space will be created and flex space that will be used when needed by Customs and by airport tenants at other times.  FBOs at the airport that operate international flights have requested this project.


Awaiting funding