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H-2 Board of Architecture Review/Planning Commission Work Group


H-2 Board of Architecture Review/Planning Commission Work Group

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

7:00 p.m.

Lower Level Conference Room 1


  1. Meeting Preliminaries (15 minutes, staff presentation)
    1. Mission of the H-2 Work Group
    2. Overview of key findings of the 2011 H-2 Committee 
    3. Key takeaways from the joint meeting on February 6, 2017 meeting
  2. Design Toolkit – an overview of design control options (15 minutes, staff presentation)
    1. Guidelines
    2. Regulations – Zoning Ordinance (ZO), Design and Construction Standards Manual (DCSM), Subdivision Ordinance (SLDR)
    3. Form-based Zoning and Hybrid Zoning
    4. Pattern Books
    5. Proffers
    6. Town Plan and Small Area Plan policy
    7. Streetscape plans
    8. Examples of other communities that use these tools individually or in combination
      • Harrisonburg, VA.
      • Raleigh, N.C.
      • Winchester, VA.
  3. H-2 Work Group meetings  (60 minutes, staff explanation of proposed process and seeking Work Group consensus)
    1. Organized by geographic segment of the existing and proposed H-2 areas
    2. Date/time /location – Staff proposes the following schedule:
      • March  15 – West Market Street
      • April 5 – North and South King Street
      • April 19 - Edwards Ferry Road
      • May 3 - East Market Street
      • May 17 – East Market Street
      • June 1 – Joint Meeting of BAR and PC – review recommendations
      • June 26 – Presentation of recommendation to Town Council at work session
    3. Future H-2 Work Group Meeting Agendas – Proposed format and process for each meeting
    4. Stakeholder Input
    5. Logistics
      • Staff’s role as facilitators for H-2 Work Group
      • Homework (!) for the H-2 Work Group
      • Chairman for the H-2 Work Group?
      • Ground Rules for the Work Group
        • Consensus or majority rule decision making?
        • Other?
    6. Meeting Summaries – prepared by staff
    7. Monthly Reports/Feedback  from Work Group to BAR and PC – Work Group members
    8. Monthly Progress Reports to Town Council – prepared by staff
  4. Close of Meeting and Final Comments  (10 minutes)  
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